This program is for everyone who wishes to increase their competence and speaking practice in English. The duration of the program which includes 30-minute lessons over the phone is 3 months. Grammar and lesson materials are provided online. Lessons will be at a time period which you will choose between 10:00 and 23:00 every weekday.

Who can benefit from the program?
  1. Individuals who want to improve their English in a short time but have a very tight work schedule,
  2. Those who work mobile and go on business trips often,
  3. Those who want to practice English after graduation,
  4. Those who want to travel or work abroad,
  5. Those who have foreign partners or do international business,
  6. Those who have basic English and wish to improve their speaking skills in a short time
What do we aim with the program?
  1. To make you actively speak English over the phone and increase your practice,
  2. To make you feel more confident when speaking,
  3. To make you speak more fluently,
  4. To enhance your vocabulary.