About Educall

Educall is a system offering speaking practice mainly in English and many other languages over the phone and online, without any restrictions of place and time, with 10, 15 or 25-minute packages for 5 days a week. The system assigns two teachers to each student, one being native and the other one Turkish. The number of days you are supposed to take lessons from a native or a Turkish teacher is determined by our advisor teachers. Besides, the demo lesson you will take in the process is free of charge. Our education consists of one-to-one lessons from 10:00 a.m. to 23:00 p.m.

Our objective in this project;

  1. To build your speaking skills through practice,
  2. To improve your vocabulary, grammar and wording skills within the scope of living language,
  3. To make you give natural responses without translating in your mind,
  4. To bring you together with teachers whose native languages are the ones you would like to learn (English, Russian, Chinese etc.),
  5. To create an opportunity for you to use and reinforce what you learn,
  6. To apply the language acquisition method specifically urged upon by linguists instead of language learning and thus boost your language acquisition skills,

Personal Education

At Educall, conversations you will have with Native Speakers and Advisor Teachers are one-to-one and personal.

Flexible Hours

You can choose any time period between 10:00 and 23:00 on weekdays.

Educall Team

Our team mainly consists of experienced teachers who have done bachelor’s or master’s degree in education/teaching.


  • Speaking with trainers who are experts in their fields,
  • Increasing your efficiency in grammar,
  • Using the language properly with the help of advisor teacher comments and feedbacks,
  • Learning the language with an interactive system,
  • Improving your listening and comprehension skills,