Mesaj Bırakın

Maalesef, şu anda temsilcimiz çevrimiçi değil. Lütfen size geri dönmemiz için mesaj bırakın.


Everyone who has a basis in English or in another foreign language can use the Educall system. We promise that you will speak the language that you want to speak at good level. From now on, we find a way out to your time and place problem. Don’t postpone your language training any longer… You will not have to go abroad for foreign language training. With Educall, our foreign or Turkish teachers will call you to make a conversation for 15-25 minutes at a time period which you have determined on 5 weekdays from the morning at 10:00 to the evening at 23:00 and they will help you to improve your speaking skills by identifying your deficiencies. Our teachers will aid you to learn new vocabularies, to get fluent and proper pronunciation and to develop your listening and comprehension skills. As to our advisor teachers, they listen to the dialogues between students and teachers, they detect the errors and provide feedback to the student to fill the deficiency of that student in the direction of information he/she got from the teachers. Our target is to find the grammar, pronunciation and other problems of the students and settle the matters one by one. We guarantee that the Educall training program will ensure fluent speaking in the language which our student desires to learn. Those who state as “I can’t speak”, “I am stuck after a certain point...” Your fears will be terminated. Believe in yourselves...