You can test yourself regularly with Educall online TOEFL test system designed in accordance with the new TOEFL system. We help you reach your goal by focusing on the section you need to study among Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking.

Benefits of the program;
  1. Following your own progress with monthly TOEFL Tests which you will take
  2. One-to-one training which takes 15 or 25 minutes with your foreign teacher at a period of time which you are available between 10.00 a.m. to 23:00 p.m. on weekdays.
  3. Correcting your deficiencies by doing grammar tests in company with your teacher,
  4. Feedback from your advisor teacher about your training and progress,
  5. Feedback from our TOEFL experienced trainers for your essays which you wrote for Writing section,
  6. Vocabulary training special for TOEFL,
  7. Access to Online TOEFL test system,
  8. Online access to training materials,
If you too want to conveniently prepare for TOEFL without worrying about time and place, we guarantee that Educall is the best option for you.