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Educall Language Academy User Contract

’The conditions from benefiting from the service’ which are located below, should be read thoroughly before starting to use a service.
The use of the Educall service means that these conditions are carefully read and acknowledged, and that they understand that contrary behavior will only require legal and criminal liability for the user.If any user does not agree to these terms, there is no entitlement to site access and no use of Educall is a site with commercial and non-commercial departments. Calls Using a free trial right is not subject to any fees. But as for the package or packages that need to be gotten to actively take advantage of the whole service, you are required to pay a certain amount of charge.Educall respects intellectual property rights. Educall expects the same respect from the user as well. No user can benefit from Educall so that it infringes on intellectual property rights in any way.Again, Educall reserves the right to name, content, all documents, programs and scripts.Unless otherwise stated on the pages, no documents, pages, graphics, design elements and other elements in the site can be copied, moved, quoted, published or used on the internet or in any way whatsoever.The user is fully in charge of all his/her activities which are related to Educall, including but not limited to and not including below but which are such as to the activities stated below, and the usufruct right of the user may be stopped exclusively by Educall if such circumstances arise.

1. Educall does not have the right to suspend or discontinue the service without notifying of any cause or excuse (technical malfunction and malfunction etc.), otherwise the objection of the person, -who gets service-, to this contract will be valid.

2. Any document (e-book, etc.) will be sent to the person who gets service from Educall until the language level of that person is determined. The language level will be determined by a free speech which dures 3-5 minutes between the hours of 10.00 am in the morning and 23.00 pm in the night time on weekdays; the documents will be sent to the person who gets service as from that date through a web page.

3. Educall language instructors or employees do not share personal information with the service recipient. If Educall language instructors or staff members are exposed to any pressure, tone defect, to approaches that are not in accordance with codes of conduct, nurture and moral principles or if conversations are made about religion, politics, etc. by the service recipient, Educall is entitled to dissolve this contract unilaterally.

4. Educall has the right to unilaterally stop the service provided by itself if the service recipient does not take part in training calls 5 days in a row without stating any reason and excuse.

5. Educall has the right to change trainer without giving any notice. In cases like instructor's disease and so on,the lessons will be done by substitute instructors . In this situation and in similar situations, there is no question of postponing or compensating for these courses. These cases' pursuit are not performed by Educall.

6. The person who receives the service agrees to pay the individual service fee in advance within 2 days from the date of signing the contract. If this price is not paid by the person receiving the service within 2 working days after the end of the following period, Educall is entitled to unilaterally stop the service. Educall will deliver the invoices and similar documents to the students by cargo and all the cargo charges belong to the buyer.

7. The person receiving the service has the right to change their contact information (telephone, e-mail) by notifying the Educall authority during the service and throughout the contract period. There is no package change or time change between the serviced packages. The person receiving the service does not have the right to transfer his / her courses to another person. This kind of requests from the service recipient will be rejected by Educall.

8. The person who receives the service is called 3 times during the interview when he / she does not answer the telephone during the training time. If the trainer does not receive a response from the student, the course is considered to have been processed and will not be added to other days.

9. The student has the right to adjourn for 15 days in the 3 month training period, 30 days in the 6 month training period, 60 days in the 12 month training period and Educall will not commit to postpone lessons above the mentioned numbers. In 3-month packages, there is no right to freeze the courses. The student has the right to freeze the course provided that for 1 time, maximum 2 months in case of training periods of 6 months and 12 months. Instructor and lesson hour guarantees are not provided in case of course freezing processes exceed 5 course days. In addition, Educall has the right to not lecture to the learner if the lecture freeze time exceeds 2 months in total.

10. Educall classes are offered as 3, 6 and 12 months. Package rights that are completed with the end of the specified periods will not be transferred to the new package. In addition, the start and end dates of the specified periods are coincided with the same day. For example, a student who is enrolled for 3 months and who starts getting training on March 10th, will be educated until June 10th. If the end date falls on the weekend, the end date is set on Friday. Educall services are provided through companies which headquarters are located in America. No personal information (name, surname, age, ethnicity, university etc.) related to trainers except for gender information are shared with the persons who get services according to the contracts made with these companies. Educall can not be held responsible in no way, refuses responsibility for any disputes that may arise from this information. In addition, Educall does not promise to give lessons on states of holidays which are formed because of official holiday, special days and does not promise definite monthly number of days and course.

11. In the Educall education system, all students whose student status is active or passive gain 5% reference discount for each student who is directed by them to the system, who is enrolled in the system and paid for the system, and also follow us on Facebook-Twitter-LinkedIn, get a 5% discount. A 7% discount is earned when the program fee is paid in full. Two discounts (5% + 7%) can be enjoyed at the same time. Earned reference discounts can be used for once only for that month. The reference discounts that the student has in the system can never be converted to money and lesson, can not be transferred to another student, the discount rate can not be requested as a return in the form of money and due to the reason that the reference discount is a campaign in itself, the student cannot benefit from other campaigns in case of using the reference discount.

12. Each student who registers to the system can see his / her reference number from the student screens. The reference system has been stepped in as of 01.07.2014. No rights can be claimed for students who were directed before this date. All campaigns that Educall has made are announced to it's students through it's official web page. Educall always reserves the right to make changes to the offered training program and the usage agreement.

13. In the Terms of Use, Educall sends an SMS or e-mail for informational purposes and the member indicates that he/she accepts it.