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    To Learn English on YouTube

    Hello again dear Students,

    Have you tried learning English on YouTube or how some students from different nationalities speak English? At times, it will make you laugh hilariously but not to undermine that some students from different countries can be quite comical and humorous when they speak.

    In fact, the YouTube channels are not just about cats and silly videos anymore. You can actually quickly find thousands of free YouTube videos on learning English. But of course, then how will you know what to watch?

    To help you, I have selected a specific channel to help you to learn English as well as to understand some of the difficult yet challenging ways when students learn to speak in English on YouTube. The styles are very different, but they are really funny and interesting.


    Why Study English on YouTube?

    Perhaps you might be asking: Why should I consider to use YouTube to learn English?

    Here are a few reasons:

    -    You might already have a number of books to guide you or a tutor to assist you in English, but having a variety of materials is very profitable and productive.

    -    Most importantly is that you can pause and rewind the video whenever you need to.

    -    Many of the videos permit you to observe and take notice of the difficulties and the success in learning English by some students. Not only that, this may encourage you to learn English in a more pleasurable way too.

    Indeed, learning any new language is going to be a challenge but the experience of it would create such elation and exhilaration. Whether you are a young child, a teenager or an adult, or even an absolute beginner, intermediate or advanced TOEFL student, I assure you that YouTube truly has a lot of English language lessons to offer you.

    Hope you enjoy this one shown below in the link! All the best and have fun!





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