Sat Puanı Nedir?

Sat Puanı Nedir?  Sat puanı, birçok Avrupa ülkelerinde eğitimlerini tamamlamak veya devam ettirmek isteyen kişilerin alması gereken puandır. Yurtdışı eğitimlerini tamamlaması için bir takım şartlar bulunmaktadır. Bunların arasında o ülkenin eğitim kur..

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İngilizce Telaffuz Nasıl Geliştirilir?

İngilizce Telaffuz Nasıl Geliştirilir? Telaffuz, kelime anlamı gereği söyleniş biçimi ve dilin anlaşılabilir olma şekli gibi tanımlamak mümkündür. Telaffuz ne kadar güzel ve anlaşılabilir kullanılır ise karşı taraf ile anlaşma ve ifade edebilme o y..

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What Is an Exit Interview and How Do You Prepare for It?

Employers often do exit interviews to understand why an employee is leaving their organization. The meeting is an opportunity for you to give feedback to help the organization improve. There's no one-size-fits-all approach for an exit interview. But often, people express their reaso..

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Don't 'Lose Sleep' Over Work with These Phrases

Even if you love your job, you probably get stressed out sometimes. Maybe you've had to finish a massive project without a lot of time, or had a task that was too difficult to do alone. Here's some vocabulary to help you talk about your work stress! We all know that stress can m..

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Country Nicknames: 'Great White North' or 'Down Under'?

Want to take a trip to a country where you can practice your English? How about The Emerald Isle or The Great White North? Confused? Here are five English-speaking country nicknames you might want to know. The United States of America: The Land of the Free The words "the land..

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Qatar World Cup 2022

The World Cup 2022 will take place in Qatar from November 21 to December 18. A total of 32 teams, including hosts Qatar, have qualified for the tournament, which will be the first time football’s biggest event takes place in the Middle East. Former winners Brazil have qualified for the Worl..

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