How to Talk About Hobbies Naturally

If you are learning a new language, the most important thing is to talk naturally and convey your message the way you want. We all should strive to sound like native speakers and improve our knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, and context. In this blog post, I will try to show you how to have a conver..

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Nezaket için Would

Başka bir dilde konuşurken en önemli olan konulardan biri de doğru gramer yapısını kullanmaktır. Bu yapıları kullanırken tanıdığımız kişilere farklı ve hiç tanımadığımız bireylerle farklı yapılar kullanılması gerekebilir. Yakın çevremizle konuşurken bu ..

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Take a Look at Facebook

We all know that social media becomes popular each day. One of the reasons for that is the restrictions around the world. The more we are stuck at home, the more we start using social media. Therefore, in this blog, we want to offer you a good way to learn English while staying in your home safely. ..

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İngilizce Tavsiye Verme Yolları

Bir dil aslında hiçbir zaman sadece gramer kurallarından ya da kelimelerden oluşmaz. Bulunduğunuz ortamdan, konuştuğunuz kişiye göre konuşma stiliniz değişir. Patronunuzla konuşma şekliniz ile arkadaşınıza kullandığınız tonlama, kelimeler hatta gramerler bile farklı d..

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How To Study Effectively At Home During COVID-19

We woke up a quarantine day by thinking it would be a day like many others. Most of us were shocked by this sudden outbreak while few others were thinking of staying at home as a great opportunity. It is normal to feel sad and in despair, but you should keep your calmness and positivity until we ove..

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Other ways to say “I don’t know”

In every situation in life there will be moments and questions that we just don’t know the answer to. And, it is perfectly normal and fine to acknowledge it. Nobody knows everything. Variety is the spice of life, so, instead of using the standard “I don’t know”, here are some..

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Tips on Writing Formal Emails

For a lot of people, the most common form of business communication is writing emails. We are always worried to write them properly and to sound as professional and formal as we can. Therefore, it is important to get them right. Even though we know that emails aren’t considered as formal as le..

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10 Expressions About People's Age

How can we express people's age?  1. She's in her early thirties. (=30-33 years old.) 2. She's in her late thirties. (=37-39 years old.) 3. Act your age! (you can use this when an adult is acting like a child or is being immature.) 4. You're no spring chicken. (You a..

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