Infinitive of Purpose

There many ways to show your reason for doing something. You can explain the factor causing your activity by using linking words such as “because, since, as, in that, this is because, in asmuch as, by reason of, etc.”. We also use “to + infinitive” structure to explain why we..

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İngilizce Aksanınızı Nasıl Geliştirirsiniz

İngilizce Aksanınızı Nasıl Geliştirirsiniz? Bir dili akıcı konuşmak ne kadar önemliyse güzel bir aksanla konuşmak da önemlidir. Örneğin; Türkçe konuşan bir yabancıyı düşünelim. Bir çırpıda yabancı olduğunu kelimeleri söyleyi..

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Your Next Summer Trip

So, summer’s here (ish) and people’s thoughts turn to the seaside. The traditional British seaside resort developed massively from the start of the 19th century but has been in decline ever since travel abroad has been available to the masses. However, being beside the seaside never goes..

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Ten Verbs From Northern Ireland

Northern Irish is a rich and varied dialect, blending slang from Ireland, Scotland, and the north of England with some of its own unique creations. The following ten verbs are used in Northern Irish English, as well as other regional varieties.   Cowp   This verb means either &..

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