How To Study Effectively At Home During COVID-19

We woke up a quarantine day by thinking it would be a day like many others. Most of us were shocked by this sudden outbreak while few others were thinking of staying at home as a great opportunity. It is normal to feel sad and in despair, but you should keep your calmness and positivity until we ove..

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Other ways to say “I don’t know”

In every situation in life there will be moments and questions that we just don’t know the answer to. And, it is perfectly normal and fine to acknowledge it. Nobody knows everything. Variety is the spice of life, so, instead of using the standard “I don’t know”, here are some..

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Tips on Writing Formal Emails

For a lot of people, the most common form of business communication is writing emails. We are always worried to write them properly and to sound as professional and formal as we can. Therefore, it is important to get them right. Even though we know that emails aren’t considered as formal as le..

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10 Expressions About People's Age

How can we express people's age?  1. She's in her early thirties. (=30-33 years old.) 2. She's in her late thirties. (=37-39 years old.) 3. Act your age! (you can use this when an adult is acting like a child or is being immature.) 4. You're no spring chicken. (You a..

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Do you have any idea what we're talking about? Well, if you like to chat a lot in English you know exactly what these acronyms mean. Still, let us explain if you are not familiar with this. LOL, YOLO, ASAP, and many, many others are abbreviations and acronyms that we use daily when texting someo..

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How to create long and complex sentences

In order to be able to work on our long and complex sentences, first we have to understand what the expression refers to, and how do we actually form them. For most learners acquiring simple sentences comes easy and very handy in day to day communication. However if you wish to expand your writing s..

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Today, I want to talk about something all ESL students rarely and unwillingly think about, that is their grammar accuracy.  This is often with TOEFL students, who tend to struggle with the correct grammar when aiming for a high score on their Speaking section. However, what's even more ..

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Infinitive of Purpose

There many ways to show your reason for doing something. You can explain the factor causing your activity by using linking words such as “because, since, as, in that, this is because, in asmuch as, by reason of, etc.”. We also use “to + infinitive” structure to explain why we..

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