-Creatures of the Sea-

 There are many animals and creatures in the ocean and the sea. Some are big and others very small, and they usually come in a variety of colors and shapes. Let’s test your knowledge of sea creatures in English and maybe even learn a few new ones. See if you can guess the name of the anim..

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-Crossword of Planets-

Please fill in the activity. ACROSS 3. This globe’s blue dye is the consequence of red light absorption by methane in the upper atmosphere. 5. The nearest globe to the Sun and the eighth biggest. 6. The sole globe whose English title does not get out of Greek/Roman mythos. ..

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-Locations Crossword-

Across 1. place on the coast where boats take shelter  5. place where you can pick up or send out your mail 6. you go here to learn as a child 7. where you go when you are sick  8. where you go to fly to other cities 9. where you live with your family 10. you swim in t..

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Another Crossword

ACROSS 2. A territory with grass or other vegetation for sheep or cattle to grass.  5. To be scared of something. 7. A facility or house for a household. 9. A field of low land between mountains or hills. 10. An article of furnishing upon which people eat their meals.  ..

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A Crossword Puzzle of Farm

ACROSS 1. Yield of a planted territory.                                                                         ..

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-Travel Crossword-

ACROSS            1. The train stops at here. 5. The people who labor on a ship, or on a plane. 7. To void; to discontinue a booking or a scheduled voyage. 10. You can pass the Aisle by boat..... through the underground way. 11. Stop. 13. A reserv..

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-Kitchen Crossword-

Here is a crossword puzzle to help you with some vocabulary used in the kitchen. All of the words are objects or appliances used in the kitchen. Good luck! Post your answers or questions in a comment if you would like feedback or help. Across 2. object used to eat foods like soup or ice cream ..

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Do You Know Your Colors?

Unscramble the letters to get a list of colors. Then see if you can find out which color is related to which clue in the crossword puzzle. rongae                 egner        &n..

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