TOEFL Nedir? TOEFL’dan Yüksek Puan Nasıl Alınır?

Toefl sınavı dünya genelinde İngilizce dil yeterliliğini ortaya koyan en prestijli dil sınavıdır. Yurt dışında eğitim almak ya da kariyerine yurt dışında devam etmek isteyenler tarafından Toefl nedir sorusu merak edilmektedir. Toefl puanı Amerika Birleşik Devletleri ve Kanada g..

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-TOEFL Exam basics-

Studying for the TOEFL exam can be scary, difficult, and confusing. Like thousands of other students around the world, you probably have so many questions: Where do I start? What do I need to know? How do I know when I'm ready? Which books do I use? How do I register?   ..

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-Using online media as a tool for TOEFL exam preparations-

The question I get asked almost all the time is ''how can I prepare myself for the TOEFL without taking any expensive books or private lessons?'' First of all, TOEFL in many cases does not even need private lessons or fancy books, it is just about getting your mindset and your ove..

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--TOEFL Support Skills – Paraphrasing--

Paraphrasing means restating what you have heard or read in your own words. The objective is to use different words to express the same ideas. You must resist the temptation to copy entire lines or long phrases from the original passage, or learn acceptable ways in which to do so. Copying the..

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-About TOEFL (TOEFL Blog 1)-

Find out which version of the TOEFL you will take  Depending on where and when you take the TOEFL test, you will encounter either the Internet-based Test (TOEFL iBT) or the TOEFL Paper-based Test (TOEFL PBT). Be sure of which format you will use. Your TOEFL score from either test will be accep..

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-TOEFL iBT tips and strategies part 2 (TOEFL Blog 2)-

Note taking  Just like in a college classroom, you will be allowed to take notes on what you hear and read during the test and then use your notes when answering the questions. Writing  On the iBT, the Writing test is 50 minutes and consists of two tasks. For one task, you write i..

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