How to Prepare For The TOEFL Speaking Exam

Toefl speaking section is always problematic for students, but there are some ways that students can use to prepare themselves for this challange on their own. One of them is the chart below with some guidelines how to make your answers better. Follow the steps and guidelines, and check your pr..

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How to crush your integrated task in TOEFL speaking

Coming to approach your exam after August, 2019 you will encounter 3 integrated tasks or question types. Which ones, and how should you prepare we will discuss in the following paragraphs. Task 2 (former type 3 question type): A campus situation As you might assume, this is a question that off..

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How to crush your independent task in TOEFL speaking

Toefl now takes 3 hours only, good news isn't it? For several reasons, the organizers of the exam have decided to exclude certain parts from the exam. The speaking tasks you will have the change to see on your exam are as following: Independent task: Personal choice (type 2 question) ..

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-TOEFL Speaking Strategies-

When preparing for TOEFL exam, there are few strategies that we use in order to enhance our performance and they are basically very simple. Below we will go through some of them: 1: Understand the question and find out what exactly the question wants from you and only answer the question, not ..

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TOEFL Speaking (TOEFL Blog 5)

TOEFL Speaking Common Problem 1: Not Knowing the Format The format of the TOEFL speaking section is very specific. If you don’t know the format before you take the test, it can be confusing and much more difficult than it should be. In this week’s video, I mention a short story about ..

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