How to Write a Simple Biography

One of the most common pieces of writing students come across is BIOGRAPHIES. Most of the time they struggle to write it. This might be true but as long as the students have not got a clear image of how biography is written they tend to fail. What is it to be done? It is easy. We have to follow simp..

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TOEFL Writing (TOEFL Blog 6)

TOEFL Writing Common Problem 1: Copying the Text The first of the two essays on the TOEFL is an “integrated” task, meaning it tests not only writing, but also listening and reading skills. So before you start writing, you have to first go through a text introducing a topic, then liste..

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---TOEFL Support Skills – Mind Mapping---

Mind-mapping is a type of creative graphic organizing technique, developed by British educationist and author Tony Buzan. It enables users to represent, integrate and connect large amounts of information around a central idea. Because it is holistic rather than linear, it enables you to utilize both..

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