Tips On How To Succeed On The TOEFL Reading Exam

1. Study grammar in context, not by itself. Your knowledge of grammar is useful in helping you understand the readings and lectures, not in answering grammar-specific questions. 2. Try to understand a reading as a whole. Unlike earlier versions of the TOEFL, the new version tests whether you ..

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TOEFL Reading Common Problem 1: The clock Reading on the TOEFL isn’t quite like reading in your personal life, because the material is very different, and you have only a limited time. In fact, those are the two biggest problems in TOEFL reading: the clock and staying focused on boring ..

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-TOEFL Reading Strategies-

When preparing for TOEFL exam, there are few strategies that we use in order to enhance our performance and they are basically very simple. Below we will go through some of them: 1: When it comes to the reading section of TOEFL exam, the most important strategy is to pay attention to headlines..

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--TOEFL Time management - Reading--

For each reading passage, you have exactly 20 minutes, which for a lot of people is just barely enough to finish the test and maybe check their answers. For other people, fifteen minutes might be enough. If you’re in the latter group, then stop cheating yourself and start using that extra..

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-TOEFL iBT Reading section; basic guidelines-

The Reading section of the TOEFL measures your ability to read and understand passages in English. This is a critical skill because students in North American universities are expected to read (a lot!), and to understand, discuss, write about, paraphrase, and summarize the ideas they have read. T..

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