İngilizce Lezzetli Yemek Tarifleri

İngilizce yemek tarifleri, İngilizcenin günlük hayatta kullanımı açısından çok güzel bir fırsattır. İngilizce yemek tarifleri sayesinde kişi, öğrenmekte olduğu yabancı dili gündelik hayatında, keyifli bir şekilde kullanarak çok daha iyi bi..

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Why Don’t You Take a Look at These Sitcoms?

Laughter is always the best medicine. So maybe it can be a good teacher as well. In this blog post, I will recommend three fun sitcoms that you can watch, relax and learn English without noticing them. Sitcoms are a good way to learn natural conversation, slang, and phrasal verbs. They will teach yo..

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Instagram for Learning English 2

We have new pages for you to learn English through a very common social media platform Instagram. By using this platform, you can get so much information in a short time constantly. You can be exposed to new words in a second and you can learn those words without realizing. This is the best way to l..

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Webtoons for English

Learning English doesn’t have to be a chore. You can make it fun with various methods from the comfort of your house. If you like cartoons, animes, and arts; this blog is just for you. I suggest you try out Webtoons for learning English and enjoy the process. Moreover, you don’t have to ..

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Learning English by Using Instagram

Instagram is an app you can use to share pictures of yourself and you can also see what others share. It is a visual app which your eyes can have a feast. Due to this quality, Instagram is getting more popular. People from all ages and nationalities are using Instagram all the time. If you are one o..

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Sitcom Recommendations 

A language can be learned so much better if you enjoy it. While watching something, it is easy to lose yourself inside this new world. Well, this method can be the best, if you are living in a country that native language isn’t English. TV shows can be a portal that opens up to a different wor..

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Storytelling YouTube Channels

Who doesn’t like a good story, right? Stories are one of the deeply rooted traditions of humankind. Everyone from every age enjoys listening to stories and gets lost in different lives and adventures. They also connect people and make us empathize with each other. That..

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