Learning English by Using Instagram

Instagram is an app you can use to share pictures of yourself and you can also see what others share. It is a visual app which your eyes can have a feast. Due to this quality, Instagram is getting more popular. People from all ages and nationalities are using Instagram all the time. If you are one o..

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Sitcom Recommendations 

A language can be learned so much better if you enjoy it. While watching something, it is easy to lose yourself inside this new world. Well, this method can be the best, if you are living in a country that native language isn’t English. TV shows can be a portal that opens up to a different wor..

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Storytelling YouTube Channels

Who doesn’t like a good story, right? Stories are one of the deeply rooted traditions of humankind. Everyone from every age enjoys listening to stories and gets lost in different lives and adventures. They also connect people and make us empathize with each other. That..

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Learning English with Webtoons

You probably get tips on how to learn English in various ways. One of them is reading books in English. However, when you first start reading a book in a different language, you realize that there are lots of words and the progress is really slow. After reading five to ten pages, you get sleepy and ..

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Animated Movies To Learn English

Do you miss your childhood days from time to time by dreaming that you were waiting for Sundays to watch cartoons? Even if we are all grown-ups now, we were those kids enjoying cartoons and animated movies once. Some of us still keep watching cartoons while others are secretly jealous of these peopl..

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Film veya dizi izlemeyi sevmeyen var mıdır? Özellikle COVID-19 karantina sürecinde hepimizin hastalık yüzünden eve kapanmak zorunda kalmasıyla Internet veya TV dizileri en çok vakit geçirdiğimiz alanlardan birisi haline geldi. Peki dizi/film izleyerek İngilizc..

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A great tip when choosing books to improve your English is to read books written for children. If you want to build new vocabulary, you should start with small paces and, go step by step. That`s why we recommend you read children's books. Those will raise your motivation and keep you willing to ..

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When you search on the Internet, you will find various sources and ways to practice and learn English. However, reading is one of the best ways to improve your English language skills. You can acquire new vocabulary, explore new structures, discover new expressions, and really get a feel for the lan..

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