How to Make Polite, Indirect Suggestions

Direct suggestions have their place. Sometimes you need to boldly express yourself. For these situations, you should, you need to, and you have to are perfectly acceptable. But you can’t always use these expressions. If you are talking to your supervisor, an importa..

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15 English Negotiation Idioms

It can be incredibly important to learn the idioms of a language to have a deeper understanding of the language that is spoken. Understanding requires a familiarity of the English language to comprehend what someone means when they use them in conversation or in some cases, in business discussions.&..

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İngilizce Sayılabilen ve Sayılamayan İsimler

İngilizce Sayılabilen ve Sayılamayan İsimler İngilizce’de isimler sayılabilen (countable) ve sayılamayan (uncountable) olarak ikiye ayrılır. İngilizce Sayılabilen İsimler (Countable Nouns) İngilizce sayılabilen isimler (countable nouns) sayı ile ifade edilebil..

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Y ile Başlayan İngilizce Kelimeler

İngilizce, tüm dünyada ortak olarak konuşulduğundan hayatımızın neredeyse her alanında karşımıza çıkmaktadır. Yabancı dizileri, filmleri veya programları izlerken İngilizcede günlük dil kalıplarıyla karşılaşırız. Temel İngilizce bilginizi geliştirme..

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Phrasal Verbs for Business

I know phrasal verbs are everyone’s worst nightmare; however, they are often used, especially in meetings or formal speech, so you cannot really escape them. When a person uses phrasal verbs, they sound more eloquent and advanced. It definitely creates a good image of you. The phrasal verbs ar..

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İNGİLİZCE EŞ ANLAMLI KELİMELER Bu yazımızda siz değerli okuyucularımızla İngilizcede sık kullanılan eş anlamlı (synonymous) kelimelere yer vereceğiz. Dilerseniz öncelikle ‘eş anlamlı kelime’ nedir bir gözden geçirelim.   Eş Anlamlı Kelim..

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The Best Books for English Learners

I know this world is all about technology, but there is something so magical when you actually take a book in your hands. It is not just a magical feeling, but there are a lot of good and useful things that come with it, especially if you are reading in a different language. In this blog, I will ..

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10 Tips to Learn English

As one of the most spoken languages in the world and the common tongue of business, education and entertainment, learning English is nearly a necessity these days. Although it is often considered one of the most difficult languages to learn, with the right attitude, commitment and these 10 tips, any..

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