20 Idioms To Sound More Like A Native American

Every language has certain rules people must obey in order to be proficient speakers of that language. However, even though we may know how to speak and use the language perfectly, that still doesn’t make us sound like a native speaker. In order to sound more like a true native, we have to lea..

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500 Most Common English Verbs

Here are the most used/common english verbs in English. Learning synonyms and new vocabularies is very important because the more you know the more you can talk freely and comfortably. Knowing vocabularies is key in learning a new language and to improve it.  1: be - exis..

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İngilizce'de En Çok Kullanılan 500 Fiil

 İngilizcede en sık karşılaştığımız ya da en çok kullılan fiiller aşağıdaki gibidir. Eş anlamlı kelimeler ve yeni kelimeler öğrenmek çok önemlidir. Ne kadar çok kelime öğrenirseniz o kadar rahat konuşabilirsiniz. Yeni bir dil öğreni..

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Body Idioms

It's not a secret that many people do not like idioms at all. The reason for this is not that idioms are difficult to learn but they are super easy to forget. If we do not incorporate them in our daily language, it is likely that we will stop using them very quickly. Maybe later some idioms will..

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100 Most Common Words in English

The following list of the 100 most common English words can be used as a resource for beginners to learn English. Since these words are the most common words you should make sure that you not only know these words and how to pronounce them, but you also spell them correctly. It is more serious to sp..

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British English Slangs (Part 2)

GOBSMACKED In all the British slangs, the word gobsmacked is widely used in our daily communication to express the intense feeling of absolute astonishment and surprise with something that you witness or in a situation which makes you feel overwhelmed with the joy of gladness that you were speech..

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British English Slangs (Part 1)

English slangs are commonly used amongst the Brits in the UK.  Slangs often consists of some expressions indirectly indicating something between the lines or rather a hidden language in a conversation. In most cases, English slangs is termed as informal language and it is not suitable and advis..

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