Your Next Summer Trip

So, summer’s here (ish) and people’s thoughts turn to the seaside. The traditional British seaside resort developed massively from the start of the 19th century but has been in decline ever since travel abroad has been available to the masses. However, being beside the seaside never goes..

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Ten Verbs From Northern Ireland

Northern Irish is a rich and varied dialect, blending slang from Ireland, Scotland, and the north of England with some of its own unique creations. The following ten verbs are used in Northern Irish English, as well as other regional varieties.   Cowp   This verb means either &..

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Airport Conversations

John is flying from New York to Los Angeles. When he arrives at the airport, he goes to the check-in desk. Agent: Good afternoon! Where are you flying to today? John: Los Angeles. Agent: May I have your passport, please? John: Here you go. Agent: Are you check..

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Restaurant Conversations

Do you know how to order at a restaurant? Firstly, let's make a reservation... Mike: I'd like to make a reservation for 2 people on Friday night. Waiter: What time would you like? Mike: 8:00. Waiter: We don't have anything available at 8:00. Is 7:30 ok. ..

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-Speak with fluency like a native – The basic aspects of Speaking-

Do you often feel that you lack that natural flow of the English language in your life? Have you studied English a lot and sometimes overloaded yourself with too much memorisation and comprehension of what English is about? But still, there are times that you feel unnatural when you speak as if you ..

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-Learning English Through Different Methods-

In many perspectives of your life, do you often find it very difficult to remember and understand new words in English? Truly, English has the largest volume of vocabulary of any language in the world.  So, if you think you are a beginner or an advanced speaker of English, it is needful tha..

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--Reading Activity - The Children’s Era by Margaret Sanger--

Below is an excerpt of a speech by Margaret Sanger. Read closely and try to understand what she is saying. See if you can answer the questions that follow the excerpt. Post your answers in a comment for some feedback. The Children’s Era Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen: My subject is &..

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