“Have” Fiilinin Kullanım Alanları

İngilizce’de çok sık kullanılan, cümle içerisinde hem yardımcı fiil hem de esas fiil olarak kullanılan, kullanıldığı cümleye göre farklı anlamlara gelen fiillerden birisi ‘have’dir. Bu yazımızda ‘have’ fiilinin kullanım alan..

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When do we Use Capital Letters?

Generally we can see a lot of problems with capital letters in English language. Hopefully this elaborate list will be helpful for your further studies: 1. Use a capital letter for the personal pronoun 'I': •           &nb..

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-Irregular Verbs-

I think that everyone in the beginning had some difficulties with memorizing irregular verbs. What form of the verb should be a second and which should be the last one. Those were the most common questions. In every language, there is of course some hidden rule which can help you to remember all the..

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-Indefinite and Definite Articles-

The Simplest Grammar  Indefinite and Definite Articles Listen to the audio below and can you spot the mistakes in the conversation? Take careful notice of how to use indefinite articles and definite articles in this conversation. It is essential to fully comprehend the basic rules ..

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