British English Slangs (Part 2)

GOBSMACKED In all the British slangs, the word gobsmacked is widely used in our daily communication to express the intense feeling of absolute astonishment and surprise with something that you witness or in a situation which makes you feel overwhelmed with the joy of gladness that you were speech..

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British English Slangs (Part 1)

English slangs are commonly used amongst the Brits in the UK.  Slangs often consists of some expressions indirectly indicating something between the lines or rather a hidden language in a conversation. In most cases, English slangs is termed as informal language and it is not suitable and advis..

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The easiest definition of proverbs is that they are wise saying usually offering advice regarding our lives. Let's go back to the 16th century when the first collection of proverbs was published by Erasmus of Rotterdam. Since then, proverbs became part of our everyday life and very often, they a..

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Do you have any idea what we're talking about? Well, if you like to chat a lot in English you know exactly what these acronyms mean. Still, let us explain if you are not familiar with this. LOL, YOLO, ASAP, and many, many others are abbreviations and acronyms that we use daily when texting someo..

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What is grammar and why is it important?

Grammar is the study of words and how they are used in sentences and situations. It is an entire systematic study and description of a language with a set of rules people need to follow. Also, grammar is an important factor in learning a new language. It consists of many different branches, such as ..

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How to create long and complex sentences

In order to be able to work on our long and complex sentences, first we have to understand what the expression refers to, and how do we actually form them. For most learners acquiring simple sentences comes easy and very handy in day to day communication. However if you wish to expand your writing s..

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Today, I want to talk about something all ESL students rarely and unwillingly think about, that is their grammar accuracy.  This is often with TOEFL students, who tend to struggle with the correct grammar when aiming for a high score on their Speaking section. However, what's even more ..

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Useful tips on how to improve your English pronunciation

For sure, one of the essential tips on improving English pronunciation is listening (from movies, songs and music, podcasts). However, you can master your skills if you pay attention to what you listen to and how you work on it. First of all, try to decide which accent you would like to have (Br..

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