-Commonly confused words (1)-

Words that sound alike or look alike (moral/morale) often confuse students, especially those using spell checkers. This lengthy list of commonly confused words with simple definitions will help you decide which spelling fits your sentence: accept: to receive except: with the exclusio..

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-20 common grammar errors to look out for-

Using the wrong its/it’s. Hint: Say the sentence out loud, substituting it is for its. Does the sentence make sense? If not, no apostrophe is needed. Misusing commas. Use commas for lists and for clarity in longer sentences. If in doubt, leave the comma out. Reading your ..

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A great way to learn and practice your English is by reading. Reading helps to reinforce meanings of words you already know and help you to learn new words. Reading also allows you to learn ways to use words and how the English language is used. There are multiple sources you can use to practice rea..

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-Creatures of the Sea-

 There are many animals and creatures in the ocean and the sea. Some are big and others very small, and they usually come in a variety of colors and shapes. Let’s test your knowledge of sea creatures in English and maybe even learn a few new ones. See if you can guess the name of the anim..

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Expressions to Show Our Relief

Anyone who is learning a foreign language knows that one of the most important things is to learn a new vocabulary. All the time, we should enrich our vocabulary with the new expressions, idioms or phrases. That is why I found some common phrases which can help you to express your relief on differen..

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-Irregular Verbs-

I think that everyone in the beginning had some difficulties with memorizing irregular verbs. What form of the verb should be a second and which should be the last one. Those were the most common questions. In every language, there is of course some hidden rule which can help you to remember all the..

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Çok dil bilen insanlardan öneriler

Nasıl oluyor bazı insanlar çok sayıda dil konuşabiliyor? Bazılarına bir yabancı dili öğrenmek bile zor gelir. Oysa Berlin’de Çok Dilliler Buluşması’nda çok sayıda farklı dil konuşabilen 350 insan bir araya gelmişti. Kimi en az 10 dil biliyordu, ..

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Nasıl hızlı dil öğrenebilirsiniz?

Yurtdışında hayalinizdeki bir işe başvurmak istiyorsunuz. Ama bir problem var. Yabancı dil bilmeniz gerekiyor. Siz ise bilmiyorsunuz ve fazla zamanınız da yok. İmkansızmış gibi gelebilir ama dil uzmanlarına göre, birkaç hafta içinde bir dilde basit iletişim kurmak..

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