Pineapple funny

“Sir, we’ve found this and we need you to name it. Most other countries call…”   “Pineapple.”   “OK, but we thought we might as well just call it ‘ananas’ since the majority of the world refers to it--“   &..

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-Türkçe açıklamalı İngilizce sözler 1-

Chicken Translation = Piliç Çevirme A friend in need, a friend indeed. = Zor zamanda yanında olan kişi gerçek dosttur. “Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs.” (William Shakespeare) = “Aşk iç çekişlerle oluşan..

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Do you take taxis often? Do the taxi drivers in your country have a sense of humor? Well, this one certainly does!..

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Are you afraid of sharks? Maybe they’re afraid of themselves, too.  Always try to empathize!..

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-Travel Crossword-

ACROSS            1. The train stops at here. 5. The people who labor on a ship, or on a plane. 7. To void; to discontinue a booking or a scheduled voyage. 10. You can pass the Aisle by boat..... through the underground way. 11. Stop. 13. A reserv..

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Donating blood is surely a thoughtful act that can save many lives. The world needs thoughtful people who believe that sharing is caring. However, be careful of how much you share! This is the only moment when you shouldn’t give 100%. ..

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