10 Common Idioms of Daily English

What is an idiom? An idiom is a group of words and generally a short-expression with a figurative meaning that differs from the literal meaning. When you get into an environment of daily English, it is almost impossible not to face with idioms. Idioms are an inseparable part of daily speech and have..

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Kendimizi Tanıtmanın Püf Noktaları Var Mıdır?

Yabancı bir ortama girdiğinizde kendinizi nasıl tanıtırsınız? Kulağa oldukça aşina ve kolay bir soru gibi gelebilir fakat bir ortama girdiğinizde kendinizi nasıl tanıttığınız bir anlamda kendi portrenizi çizmek gibidir ve oldukça önemlidir. Yeni bir ortama i..

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All of us are excited and looking forward to seeing the summer outside and wait hopefully the virus will end soon. We will get the taste of freedom again. Even the kids of this generation spending most of their time playing games on smartphones and watching cartoons and videos on the internet are go..

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Many people love to go shopping to relax or relieve stress. English has many different expressions to express different moments of shopping by words. Learning a language also comes through acquiring idioms & common expressions and culture. When you have the idioms and proverbs of a language, it ..

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