-Kitchen Crossword-

Here is a crossword puzzle to help you with some vocabulary used in the kitchen. All of the words are objects or appliances used in the kitchen. Good luck! Post your answers or questions in a comment if you would like feedback or help. Across 2. object used to eat foods like soup or ice cream ..

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İngilizce Hakkında Bilinmeyenler

Illinois eyaleti kanunlarına göre, İngilizce konuşmak yasaktır. Resmen tanınmış dil “Amerikan”’dır. İngilizce dilinde bir kelime var ki bu kelimeden hiçbir düzenleme yapılmadan 10 tane farklı kelime türetilebilir;  “therein..

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Reading Challenge: Emily Dickinson

Here is a reading challenge for the more advanced English speaker. The poem below is by Emily Dickinson.To understand what the poem is about you not only have to understand the words, but also the meaning behind them within the context of the poem. Why did the author use those words and what do they..

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-Learning the Riddles-

What is the end of a rainbow? Answer: …………….. What has a head and tail but no body? Answer: ……………… What gets wetter and wetter  the more it dries? Answer: …………&hellip..

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Listening Abilities: Madonna

Here are the lyrics to Madonna’s Ray of Light. See if you can fill in the missing lyrics after listening and watching to the music video. Let us know your result!   _________ in the sky at night I wonder Do my tears of _______ sink ______the sun She's _______a universe gone __..

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Listening Skills: Queen

Here are the lyrics to the first 3 minutes of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. See if you can fill in the missing lyrics after listening to the music video. Let us know how you did!   Is this the real life? Is this just ________? Caught in a landslide No ______ from reality ..

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The Four Ps for Polished Performance in English Language

The title of the video is suppose to be “How to speak accurate and proper English“ but this video clearly demonstrate that there needs to be much patience, perseverance and practise in a simple conversation such as shown in the video. So, here are four Ps that you may want to consider in..

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