TOEFL Listening (TOEFL Blog 4)

TOEFL Listening Common Problem 1: Focus and Memory Because there is a lot of information in the recording, it can be difficult to pay attention the whole time. That’s especially true because the lectures are about topics that maybe you’re not interested in. Can you stay focused on all..

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TOEFL Speaking (TOEFL Blog 5)

TOEFL Speaking Common Problem 1: Not Knowing the Format The format of the TOEFL speaking section is very specific. If you don’t know the format before you take the test, it can be confusing and much more difficult than it should be. In this week’s video, I mention a short story about ..

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TOEFL Writing (TOEFL Blog 6)

TOEFL Writing Common Problem 1: Copying the Text The first of the two essays on the TOEFL is an “integrated” task, meaning it tests not only writing, but also listening and reading skills. So before you start writing, you have to first go through a text introducing a topic, then liste..

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---TOEFL Support Skills – Mind Mapping---

Mind-mapping is a type of creative graphic organizing technique, developed by British educationist and author Tony Buzan. It enables users to represent, integrate and connect large amounts of information around a central idea. Because it is holistic rather than linear, it enables you to utilize both..

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Listening Abilities: Michael Jackson

Here are the lyrics to Michael Jackson’s Heal The World. See if you can fill in the missing lyrics after listening to the music video. Please inform us about how you did! There's A Place In Your _______ And I Know That It Is Love And ___________ Could Be Much Brighter Than To..

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Another Crossword

ACROSS 2. A territory with grass or other vegetation for sheep or cattle to grass.  5. To be scared of something. 7. A facility or house for a household. 9. A field of low land between mountains or hills. 10. An article of furnishing upon which people eat their meals.  ..

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-Brain Game-

Test your mind and your vocabulary by creating new words from one word.   How many words can you make from the word THE is: The word should consists of minimum 4 letters (For example: NOSE)   Submit your answers in the comments area at the bottom of the page. &nb..

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Did you know? / Biliyor muydunuz?

When you carry something by car, it’s termed shipment, however when you carry something by ship, it’s entitled cargo. = Birşeyi araba ile taşıdığın zaman buna sevkiyat denir; ancak birşeyi gemi ile taşıdığın zaman buna gemi yükü denir. The earlie..

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