-Teaching Vocabulary to Kids, A Full Lesson Plan-

Songs, songs, songs! Kids love them! The easiest way to expand a childs vocabulary is to listen to songs over and over again. Kids’ brains are like a sponge, they absorb any kind of sensory information they receive. Plus, songs are just super fun!   The classics are gold, so in c..

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“İngilizce Konuşmanın 7 Altın Kuralı”

İngilizce konuşabilmek için, öncelikle konuşulanları anlayabilmeniz ve telaffuz edebilmeniz çok önemli. Sabahtan akşama kadar Gramer kitaplarını çalışmanız, sözcük ezberlemeniz, İngilizce dersleri ile yatıp kalkmanız konuşmanızı geliştirmez. ..

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Hello, it’s Me

Hellooo, it’s me. I’ve been wondering if all these years that you would like to… ok, I have to stop with this Adele song. Every Turkish student I spoke to loves Adele. I don’t mean just the female students, the male students as well. Don’t get me wrong, songs are one o..

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-What is Your Learning Style?-

Whether you are learning the alphabet, the directions for a game, or a new language, everyone has a learning style. A learning style is how you best learn new information. There are many different learning styles, but there are three basic styles that almost everyone is a part of: auditory, visual, ..

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Do You Know Your Animals

Unscramble the following words and then match them to the correct animal picture. do         atc         ridb         hpees         owc         rhsoe &n..

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Visual learners

Learning a language is definitely hard. And everyone learns languages differently. Some people prefer to take notes and directly study grammar rules. Others make like to listen to songs and videos. Some learn a language by reading. If you like to learn through images and pictures, then you are a vis..

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Comic strip stories

A great way to practice your English and your English writing skills is to create stories. If writing stories is a favorite activity of yours, you should try it in another language. Not only will it sharpen your creativity skills, but also your story and writing skills. The stories you first start t..

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Do You Know Your Colors?

Unscramble the letters to get a list of colors. Then see if you can find out which color is related to which clue in the crossword puzzle. rongae                 egner        &n..

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