How to create long and complex sentences

In order to be able to work on our long and complex sentences, first we have to understand what the expression refers to, and how do we actually form them. For most learners acquiring simple sentences comes easy and very handy in day to day communication. However if you wish to expand your writing s..

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Today, I want to talk about something all ESL students rarely and unwillingly think about, that is their grammar accuracy.  This is often with TOEFL students, who tend to struggle with the correct grammar when aiming for a high score on their Speaking section. However, what's even more ..

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Useful tips on how to improve your English pronunciation

For sure, one of the essential tips on improving English pronunciation is listening (from movies, songs and music, podcasts). However, you can master your skills if you pay attention to what you listen to and how you work on it. First of all, try to decide which accent you would like to have (Br..

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Confidence=a belief in one’s self and one’s ability to succeed. In recent years, with the rise of self-consciousness and self-care, and all the other important topics related to one’s life and health, the term “confidence” has been used in various contexts. Whether a..

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How do I sound?

Have you ever listened to yourself speaking in English? Or what do you think, how do you sound when you speak English? Probably you have the feeling that you mispronounced some words and this makes you feel uncomfortable. That is completely natural! If you just started learning English you can do a ..

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Learning and Memorizing Vocabulary Effectively

Learning a new language is hard but what is harder is to learn the vocabulary for that new language that you are trying to learn. Some people learn by seeing, some by writing and some by hearing. Which one are you? There are a lot of ways; applications, e-mail chains and memory games that try to ..

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Are you fluent?

Learning a foreign language requires much effort and tenacity from one’s own desire.  Just like everyone, some of us often feel the lack of natural flow of the English language in our life and we strive to perfect our fluency in various aspects.  How often do you feel you were incapa..

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Are you confused?

  Not sure if I heard it in a correct way or she really said it. It's so confusing! Have you ever experienced a situation like this? Especially if you don't know the context and you have to think about what the speaker really wanted to say?! Don't worry. When you check some of th..

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