How to use in, on, at when we talk about a place

Today we are learning about using in, on, and at while talking about a place. As we have learned so far, prepositions are those words we use to link words in sentences. Time, place and direction are the three types of prepositions. In this blog post, our focus will be on three prepositions of place,..

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When to use in, on, at for time

In, on, and at are all prepositions. Prepositions are words used to link words in a sentence. The three types of preposition are those of time, place and direction. Today, we will focus on time, and we will learn when to use three prepositions, in, on, and at. Some of the examples of those prepo..

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500 Most Common English Verbs

Here are the most used/common english verbs in English. Learning synonyms and new vocabularies is very important because the more you know the more you can talk freely and comfortably. Knowing vocabularies is key in learning a new language and to improve it.  1: be - exis..

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İngilizce'de En Çok Kullanılan 500 Fiil

 İngilizcede en sık karşılaştığımız ya da en çok kullılan fiiller aşağıdaki gibidir. Eş anlamlı kelimeler ve yeni kelimeler öğrenmek çok önemlidir. Ne kadar çok kelime öğrenirseniz o kadar rahat konuşabilirsiniz. Yeni bir dil öğreni..

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Body Idioms

It's not a secret that many people do not like idioms at all. The reason for this is not that idioms are difficult to learn but they are super easy to forget. If we do not incorporate them in our daily language, it is likely that we will stop using them very quickly. Maybe later some idioms will..

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