Kenny Rogers - Last Ten Years (& Lyrics)

This is a video clip of the American singer, songwriter, actor and record producer Kenny Rogers' song "The Last 10 Years" made in 2006. The video is like a brief chronology of history in some way.                       ..

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Emotions sentence practice

Hello Educall students! Do you remember this wheel that I posted in an earlier blog post? Let’s see if you have been studying the wheel and using some of the words. If the wheel is new to you, you can still use the activity to help with your vocabulary. I have created the sentences below us..

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Do You Know Your Animals

Unscramble the following words and then match them to the correct animal picture. do         atc         ridb         hpees         owc         rhsoe &n..

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Comic strip stories

A great way to practice your English and your English writing skills is to create stories. If writing stories is a favorite activity of yours, you should try it in another language. Not only will it sharpen your creativity skills, but also your story and writing skills. The stories you first start t..

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Comic strip (1)

Here is a comic strip about pronunciation.                                                                          ..

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