The Way of Being a Successful Speaker

Have you ever spoiled your own presentation? Did you feel incompetent? Now, it is time to overcome those feeling with a few effective tips. How many presentations have you given so far? What did you discover during or after those presentations about your skills? Have you changed your way of presenti..

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Present Perfect vs. Simple Past Tense

  Sevgili Educall öğrencileri ve okurları, sizlere verdiğimiz eğitim daha çok konuşma (speaking) odaklı olduğu için reading, listening, writing ve grammar kısmıyla alakalı web sitemizde size testler ve dijital materyaller sunuyoruz. Grammar kısmında testleri &c..

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Informal English Expressions IV

Hello, dear English learners and speakers! How did you wake up today? Probably, you checked your phone and said morning everyone in Turkish. As you are surrounded by Turkish everywhere, you will say talking English is not possible. So, today I will suggest you to firstly reorganize your house and th..

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