İngilizce Konuşma Dersleri

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Up the Movie video

Test your comprehension and listening skills by watching the video and answer the questions below! What time of the day did the old man open the door? a. Morning                                     &nb..

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Bees (Reading activity)

Hello Educall students! Here’s another reading activity for you to practice your comprehension skills and possibly learn new vocabulary. In an incredible ordeal, a 65-year-old grandmother was followed by a huge swarm of bees for more than 24 hours while driving her car home from a na..

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Learning the Most Preferred British Pronunciation

This video focuses on “Received Pronunciation” (RP), the stereotypical British accent mainly spoken in the South of England and it is being exaggerated by the upper classes, giving it the nickname, “the Queen’s English”. There are greatly differing accents across..

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Emotions sentence practice

Hello Educall students! Do you remember this wheel that I posted in an earlier blog post? Let’s see if you have been studying the wheel and using some of the words. If the wheel is new to you, you can still use the activity to help with your vocabulary. I have created the sentences below us..

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Key to Fluency in English

1. Don’t Translate The most common thing among ESL learners while forming a sentence is to first translate the words to your native language. This is the easy route to forming sentences, but most of the time ends up being inaccurate. So what can you do to stop translating, and start th..

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New English Accent in Town!

There’s a new English accent in town!   Nope, not Southern American accent, not Scottish accent or Irish accent either.   Nope, not Indian accent or Chinese accent.   Korean? Nay.   Guess what?   It’s Gibberish accent. This ac..

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-Teaching Vocabulary to Kids, A Full Lesson Plan-

Songs, songs, songs! Kids love them! The easiest way to expand a childs vocabulary is to listen to songs over and over again. Kids’ brains are like a sponge, they absorb any kind of sensory information they receive. Plus, songs are just super fun!   The classics are gold, so in c..

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