❝If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.❞ ‒Nelson Mandela   Memorizing Vocabulary Vocabulary is an important essence in learning a foreign language. After all, without words how wou..

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Social Media (Caps + Videos + Words in English)

Learning English is much more fun to learn nowadays, it’s not just books and English classes. With Social Media, it’s easier to interact with others and express yourself. As everyone knows, there is Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and of course many others in between. Anybody remem..

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İngilizce öğrenmenin önemi ve lüzumu

Toplumsal bir canlıdır insanoğlu. Onu diğer canlılardan ayıran en mühim ayrım toplumsal olmasıdır. Devirler boyunca insanlar cemiyetler halinde beraber hayatlarını sürdürmüşlerdir. Bir insanın, atalarımızın “yalnızlık Allah’a mahsustur” sö..

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Is English a Lively “TONGUE”?

Acquiring the proficiencies of a foreign language require KNOWLEDGE. Yes, knowledge is power, they say, BUT in truth, knowledge is insight. The same holds true when learning English. It is of the utmost importance for learners to gain good insights. There was a time in our young lives, where we g..

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-Speaking English with the Right Pronunciation-

When was the last time you laughed really hard when learning English? Learning English as a second language can be very boring sometimes, but a little comedy can change everything and make it fun and funny as well as hilarious. Have you encounter a moment such as this? “I&rsquo..

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Simple and Basic Requirements in English

As you may have known, the grammar and sentence construction are not an easy systems to master, especially if you come from a school system that spent more time telling you about historical battles and quadratic equations rather than on how to read and write in a perfect way. This is truly a real pr..

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Crossword No: 1

Across 3. A piece of ground for some kinds of sport.  4. With a lot of people or things in it, so that there is no more space. 6. Live somewhere for a short time.  7. Make somebody do something that they do not want to do.  10. Having a large distance between its edges...

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Yabancı Dil Öğrenmek ile ilgili

Dil öğrenmek zor ve sonsuzluğa uzanan bir yoldur kuşkusuz ve kendi kendimizi geliştirmemiz sadece kararlılıkla mümkündür. Dil öğrenme sürecinde ne kadar azimli olursak, bunun meyvelerini de o kadar çok alırız, bunu unutmayalım. Gitmenin mümk..

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