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Do you want to improve your English food vocabulary and you enjoy cooking? Here is the blog post for you. Food and cooking should probably have its own separate translation dictionary. Not only are there so many different types of foods and meals, the activity of cooking also has many related nouns and verbs. Learning all of the different vocabulary can be daunting, but I might have found a good activity for those of you who like to cook.

Or if you want to learn to cook. Let’s try cooking with English language recipes. If you are just learning English first try to just understand what the recipe is cooking. The ingredients involved and the different verbs. Once you feel like you have a good understanding of a recipe, try to cook the food.

Jamie Oliver: British Celebrity Chef


Here is Jamie Oliver’s website with many different recipes. Once you are more familiar with the website you can try searching for recipes with specific ingredients you like.

Check out Youtube! There are plenty of cooking videos on the website. Look up a specific recipe or even just search “how to cook ____”


Epicurious is a good website that lets you find recipes based on ingredients. Just type in an ingredient and you’ll find plenty of recipes.


This website is similar to Epicurious, but with recipes posted in the main page. Just click!

Gordon Ramsay


Check out Gordon Ramsay’s cooking channel. You’ll have to listen to learn, instead of read. He does have his own website with recipes listed if you want to read the recipes instead.


If you’re really committed to cooking in English head out to your nearest book store and find an English cookbook. Master your English while you master your cooking!

So if cooking in your kitchen doesn’t sound appealing, but you still would like to learn cooking and food vocabulary check out your cooking channels. There are plenty of different cooking shows and some of them even in English. Try to find one of the English speaking cooking shows on your television and watch them.

This is a good learning activity because while the person is speaking there is also a visual aid.

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