--Everyday Idioms with Fruits and Vegetables--

An idiom is a phrase, word or a fixed expression that has a figurative meaning and it cannot be taken literally. Indeed, there are thousands of idioms and they occur frequently in all languages especially in English, it has been proven that there are at least 25,000 idiomatic expressions in this language. Now let’s take a look at idioms that are related to food. The following idioms and proverbs provide definitions that include fruits and vegetables.

Fruit Idioms

As you would know, the English idioms for fruits usually describe something that is negative but occasionally something which is positive as well.

1) Apple Idioms Fruit Idioms

a) Apple of Someone’s Eye

Definitions : - The object of a person’s affection or regard - A greatly cherished person or thing

b) Apple Polisher

Definition : - A person who attempts to gain favour through flattery

c) Bad Apple

Definitions : - A troublesome or despicable person - A negative or corrupting influence on others

d) Big Apple

Definition : - New York City

e) To compare Apples to Oranges

Definition : - Used as type of 2 things that are inherently different or incompatible, usually in contexts implying that a given comparison is invalid

f) How do you Like them Apples?

Definitions : - A jeer or a taunt - Implying something or someone that is unwelcome

g) The Apple never Falls far from the Tree

Definition : - A person inevitably shares traits with or resembles his or her parents or family

h) To Upset the Apple Cart

Definition : - To ruin a plan or an event by surprise or accident

i) One bad Apple Spoils the Barrel

Definition : - A bad person or policy can ruin anything and everything in your life or around you

2) Banana Idioms

a) To go Bananas

Definitions : - To go crazy or mad - Wild with excitement, anger, frustration or other strong emotions

b) To drive bananas

Definitions : - To cause someone to go crazy or mad - To provoke someone to anger, frustration and other emotional feelings to arouse with indignation

3) Cherry Proverb


a) Life is just a bowl of cherries

Definition : - Life is easy and uncomplicated

4) Grape Idiom

a) Sour Grapes

Definitions : - When a person is heard to disparage (belittle or underestimate) something which is suspected, the person would be glad to possess it An expression of complains or accusations because someone is jealous


Vegetable Idioms

Normally, the English Idioms use vegetables figuratively to describe both good and bad actions and things. Now, it is time for Vegetable Idioms, here are the list:

5) Bean Idioms

a) To not Know Beans

Definitions : - To not know something, not well informed - Ignorant or naive

b) To Spill the Beans

Definition : - To reveal a secret or a private matter

6) Carrot Idiom

a) Carrot and Stick

Definition : - An enticement or a promised expected reward

7) Cucumber Idiom

a) Cool as a Cucumber

Definition : - Relaxed and non emotional - Not anxious or concern about matters

8) Olive Idiom

a) Olive Branch

Definition : - Something offer in peace and goodwill

9) Pea Idiom

a) Like 2 Peas in a Pod

Definitions : - 2 things that are very similar, extremely similar, undistinguishable - Look alike or identical, inseparable

10) Pickle Idiom

a) In a Pickle

Definition : - A tight spot or difficult situation

11) Potato Idiom

a) Couch potato

Definitions : - A very lazy person - Someone who does not engage in a lot of physical activity

b) Hot Potato

Definition : - A very sensitive and controversial subject - Something that is difficult and complex to deal with

I hope that you are “tickled pink” to have learnt all these exciting idioms. Hopefully you can start practising now using these idioms whenever you are engage in conversations whether it be with your family or friends and even more so with your Educall teachers.





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