A great way to learn and practice your English is by reading. Reading helps to reinforce meanings of words you already know and help you to learn new words. Reading also allows you to learn ways to use words and how the English language is used. There are multiple sources you can use to practice reading.


Newspapers are a classic option for reading practice. There are numerous websites that you can find online that provide articles about news from all over the world. Articles can be short or long, but there is a diverse range of topics you can choose from. It all depends on your preferences. A simple search online for English news related to a topic can reveal multiple options.



A more intellectually challenging and art pleasing form of reading for some people is poetry. Like articles poems can be short or long, and they can also sometimes rhyme. You might be able to find a book of English poetry in a nearby bookstore. An even easier option is the website link above; which posts a poem every day. The website also allows you to look at past poems of the day that you have missed. If the website doesn’t seem appealing then look up any English poet on the internet and you are bound to find some of their poetry posted online. Poetry also has the added challenge of discovering the abstract meaning a poet creates with their words.


A more long term reading project is books. Books are a great way to learn the different ways people use English to speak. Pop in to your closest book store and head over to the English section. There are a variety of genres and reading levels. Most of the books are also likely to be the best sellers in English speaking countries. If you don’t want to buy a book, a library might have English reading options and sometimes you can find books to read online. Just type in “free online English books”, pick a website, and find a book.


If you want a little more entertainment while reading English watch some English movies or television shows with the English subtitles on. Or even find your favorite Turkish show online with English subtitles. There are millions of entertaining videos on Youtube. Pick one, put on the subtitles, and start learning!


And if you want to challenge yourself even more, read those articles, poems, or books out loud to yourself. Maybe even act out that movie or television show.

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