-Indefinite and Definite Articles-

The Simplest Grammar 

Indefinite and Definite Articles

Listen to the audio below and can you spot the mistakes in the conversation?

Take careful notice of how to use indefinite articles and definite articles in this conversation. It is essential to fully comprehend the basic rules of grammar especially in conversations, during presentations, in business meetings as well as writing formal emails or formal letters. Please pay careful attention for surely this will test your ability in listening and understanding the conversation well. 


Here is the exercise: 

1) ______ Second World war ended in 1945. 
2) Do you know ______ people who live next door. 
3) Are you interested in ______ art or ______ architecture. 
4) Don’t stay in that hotel. ______ beds are very uncomfortable. 
5) I hate ______ violence. 
6) Two of the biggest problems facing our society are ______ crime and ______ unemployment. 
7) Ken’s brother is in ______ prison for robbery. 
8) What time do your children finish ______ school. 
9) The other day the fire brigade had to go to ______ prison to put out the fire. 
10) On ______ way to London we passed through a small village with ______ old church. We stop to visit ______ church. It was a beautiful building. 



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