-Learning English-

There is a famous saying as “One language is equal to one human being”. Thus when you learn, aim to learn a new language, this means that you will get to know the culture, the customs and behaviours, the life style, the cause of the existence of the country, in other words the source where this language comes from. You will be able to have a conversation, have a communication with “that human being(s)”.

Learning a new language broadens your perspective to life in a good way. In modern times, it is so easy to learn new languages, especially English, because not only there are -there will be- countless treasures which teach languages but also English is one of the mostly spoken languages in the World. In today’s conditions, learning English is an indispensable activity.

However, learning and teaching a language are not piece of cakes. Ok, some people may learn a language more faster than other students. Some people may not get effective results sometimes. Due to the reason that they can not learn English, they assert like “I understand but I can’t speak English” and “I can speak English but no one understands me”. On the other hand, some people learn English marvellously; they receive a recompense for their work. It is vital that while the student candidate should be determined, ambitious and hard working to learn everything about that language, he/she should devote himself/herself to study anything about that language; the language training center and the teachers should render qualitative, anti-slapdash, easy-to-understand, easy-to-practice services.

The training center and its teachers should attract the attention of students, should concentrate them to learn -in our article- English in every way while teaching them English. Learning English is a process on an ongoing basis and which necessitates to be a student continually.

It is an activity which you succeed most if you start learning it at your mother’s knee. Due to the reason that knowing English is extremely important in recent conditions in every respect, canalizing children to learn English at their mother’s knee will be reasonable for parents who possess means because this action will free them from difficulties which they will suffer in the future. Learning English is also an event which brings general knowledge to students (Turkish students for example) at the same time. With the aid of topics appearing in parts of Listening and Reading, a lot of things -from chocolate to moleskin for instance- can be learned.

Just like in any other language, you have to devote enough of your time to learn English. Just like we asserted before, English confronts in some way and the truth that you have to know it brings out. Learning English is not just purchasing a grammar textbook and studying it.

If you are financially qualified, going to a course will be a good start. While learning English, you have to master grammar splendidly. Plus, reading books and listening to songs in parallel with the learning level will be beneficial. Watching movies with English subtitles and English TV channels will definitely avail.

For learning English, attending a course, buying a grammar book, spending adequate time for studying, making effort to learn vocabularies, reading books in parallel with your learning level -some of those books have CDs with them so you can see how words are read while reading the book and this is quite useful-, going abroad if you have enough money and of course owning eternal desire for learning are essential.  




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