-Learning English Through Different Methods-

In many perspectives of your life, do you often find it very difficult to remember and understand new words in English?

Truly, English has the largest volume of vocabulary of any language in the world.  So, if you think you are a beginner or an advanced speaker of English, it is needful that you always consider to enhance your vocabulary. 

Indeed, this is the foremost major criteria in improving your speaking skills. There are many ways that you may encounter tons of new words and perhaps new ways to express words that you may already know.

Probably, you have heard of this English phrase or saying, “The richer your vocabulary, the more fluently you can speak the language.” So you ought to have the motivation to persistently and steadfastly study and learn new words every day. 

But when you are not residing in an English speaking country such as United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, United States and other such countries, the chances of you being eloquent and equip with opportunities to expand your vocabulary in your everyday life is not as vast as those who are raised in a English native country. You must create and initiate these opportunities for yourself wherever you are in your free given space of time.

I wish this will help you to increase the volume of vocabulary and your English speaking capabilities, whether you have just started learning English or you may be articulate in speaking English.

I intend to offer some suggestions for you to assess when you put into practice everyday and of course self-discipline is required to make sure that you succeed in excelling this English language.

Here are the suggestions:

-     Search new word or words of the Day

-     Practise speaking English with those whom can speak in English

-     Read lots of English related articles, newsletters or magazines

-     Watch television series or movies with English subtitles

-     Listen to English educational or academic audios

-     Listen to English channels related to discussions, interviews or news broadcast

Also, try searching in an English Thesaurus (dictionary of synonyms) (preferably Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries) to improve your comprehension of English words. There are many English words you can choose which has a dozen variations that has more or less the same meaning or definition. In a language such as English, it has rich vocabulary and becomes an ever important method especially when writing or speaking.

Well, I hope this brief article would be profitable and productive to you. So, if I may propose, your next step is to start learning the vocabularies and hopefully you may one day be proficient in English. With this, I challenge you to explore and find at least 5-10 new words everyday.

If you persistently and diligently do this, I can assure you, you will be able to learn in the range of 150-300 new words in just a month. So let us start practising now and waste no more time in slacking! Do not forget, “Practise makes Perfect”.




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