-Locations in the House-

Let’s see if you can name all of the rooms and places of a household by reading a description of them. This might seem like a silly activity, but you’ll be practicing your reading comprehension by guessing the room from the clues.

1. This room of the house can be located inside many different rooms. It usually holds your clothes, shoes, and coats. It is usually the smallest room of the house.

2. In this room food is cooked and kept. Dishes are stored and cleaned. This room sometimes has a dishwasher.

3. Family members often gather together in this room to enjoy their meals together.

4. A house can have one or more of these rooms. People clean themselves and brush their teeth in this room. The washing machine is also sometimes located in this room.


5. In this room there is often a couch or lounging chairs. Families and friends gather in this room to have conversations and sometimes watch television together.

6. There are one or more beds in this type of room. People sleep in this room.

7. Not all houses have this room. It is where people park their cars and sometime store things in this room.

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