-Personalize your programme (The direction and organization promoted by students themselves)-

I think that everyone sometimes has the feeling of “how did it pass so fast? It is already Friday?!”. It’s very true that time is going fast. Everyday we go to work where we spend almost the whole day. Later we go home to spend time with our families or meet our friends. After this we have little time for ourselves. As the time passes so fast and our schedule changes each day, it is sometimes hard for us to improve our skills or learn something new. We would like to be promoted at work or have higher grades in school but we don’t have enough time for extra courses which would enable us to reach such goals. You think probably I can use some applications to improve something such as vocabulary. While this is true, what about other skills in English which are also important in learning a foreign language.

Of course another solution is a private teacher who can also be flexible enough to meet with you at random times. But still, the duration of the lesson will not change, and you will also need to come to the scheduled place on time. This can still be difficult in our busy lives.

So what is the solution? How can I learn English by making my own schedule?

The best place for this is – EDUCALL. 

Our school provides an individual programme for each student. Every single student provides information on when and how long they want to have a lesson, and from this, we can easily make a schedule for you. We will send everything directly to your e-mail address about the lessons and what we will talk about so that you can read anytime during the day. In this situation, you don’t need to worry about traffic or being late. Of course, in any emergency situation you can postpone your lesson to a different time or day. 

This is interesting for someone who would like to start to speak and break the ice in English you think, but what about students who want to prepare themselves for exams or would like to practice business English for work. Here also you don’t have to worry. 

We can help you throughout the whole preparation process for various exams. Our teachers will give useful advice to you about how you should write your exam and they will check your work. We also provide grammar tests, and help you throughout these tests, so if you are unsure of any answer or the reasons behind something, the teacher is able to translate why the grammar is like this. Every time our teachers will support you with their advice and help. 

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