-Spot the grammar-

Dear students, can you spot the grammatical errors? Find the errors and reconstruct the sentences again using the correct grammar.


Why don’t call me? Me is waiting.

Where you go? I’m coming visit to my grandmother.
Who is called? I hope we talk on phone today.

I want to give answer all of questions.

I really be glad knowing you.

Do you like? I didn’t like.

Sarah wasn’t know what kind of beach that we are.

All news happening fastly.

On Friday, I always feel happy so that work is finish.

I calling Educall now.

I continue to the lessons.

After work, I took bus and go to home.

Are you agree with me?

I make cooking.

I don’t speak good.

Two months ago, I don’t know much English but now more I know.

I’m sick. I can’t eating.

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