-What is Your Learning Style?-

Whether you are learning the alphabet, the directions for a game, or a new language, everyone has a learning style. A learning style is how you best learn new information. There are many different learning styles, but there are three basic styles that almost everyone is a part of: auditory, visual, and tactile learning. An auditory learner learns by listening and hearing things. You learn better if someone explains the instructions to you. Visual learners learn by seeing or reading pictures and words. Reading a book or taking notes helps you learn. Tactile learners learn by touching or doing things. Physical activities are a good way for you to learn.

By doing activities that align with your learning style, you will learn faster and better. This also applies when you are learning a language. Speaking and having a conversation in the language you are learning is an auditory technique, but it is also the best way to learn and practice a new language. You can then supplement speaking with other learning activities that fall under your learning style.

Here is a website link that allows you to take a quiz to learn your learning style. The quiz contains only 20 questions and very easy. After the quiz, the website provides a description of your learning style and lists activities that will help you.


And if you don’t want to take the quiz, but just want to learn about the different learning styles, here is a link to the website that describes the styles.


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