10 Expressions About People's Age

How can we express people's age? 

1. She's in her early thirties. (=30-33 years old.)

2. She's in her late thirties. (=37-39 years old.)

3. Act your age! (you can use this when an adult is acting like a child or is being immature.)

4. You're no spring chicken. (You are not young.)

5. He just turned 5. 

6. She lived to a ripe old age. (= a very old age)

7. You are not as young as you used to be. 

8. He is wise beyond his years. (He is young but he has the wisdom of an older person.)

9. He is having a senior moment. (He is being forgetful.)

10. She is not over the hill yet. (over the hill is an informal way of saying old.)


Try to use these expressions in your daily life!


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