100 Commonly Used English Phrases

Did you ever have a problem with finding the right words to express yourself in English? Sometimes, you would know exactly what you wanted to say, but you could not form these simple thoughts into words.

Or maybe, you are bored of the same old phrases, and want to learn a couple of new ones – to sound more creative.

Well, here are 100 commonly used English phrases. Your English vocabulary is about to get even richer!


Common phrases to ask how someone is doing:

·         What’s up?

·         What’s new?

·         What have you been up to lately?

·         How’s it going?

·         How are things?

·         How’s life?


Common phrases to say how you are doing:

·         I’m fine, thanks. How about you?

·         Pretty good.

·         Same as always

·         Not so great.

·         Could be better

·         Can’t complain


Common phrases to thank somebody:

·         I really appreciate it.

·         I’m really grateful

·         That’s so kind of you.

·         I owe you one. (this means you want/need to do a favor for the other person in the future)


Common phrases to respond when somebody thanks you:

·         No problem.

·         No worries

·         Don’t mention it.

·         My pleasure.

·         Anytime.


Common phrases to end a conversation in a polite way:

·         It was nice chatting with you.

·         Anyway, I should get going.


Common phrases to ask for information from somebody:

·         Do you have any idea…?

·         Would you happen to know…? (when you’re not sure if the other person has the information.)

·         I don’t suppose you (would) know…? (when you’re not sure if the other person has the information.)



Common phrases to say that you don’t know something:

·         I have no idea/clue.

·         I can’t help you there.

·         (informal) Beats me.

·         I’m not really sure.

·         I’ve been wondering that, too.


Common phrases when you do not have an opinion:

·         I’ve never given it much thought.

·         I don’t have strong feelings either way.

·         It doesn’t make any difference to me.

·         I have no opinion on the matter.


Common phrases for agreeing with somebody:

·         Exactly.

·         Absolutely.

·         That’s so true.

·         That’s for sure.

·         I agree 100%

·         I couldn’t agree with you more.

·         (informal) Tell me about it! / You’re telling me!

·         (informal) I’ll say!

·         I suppose so. (use this phrase for weak agreement – you agree, but reluctantly)


Common phrases for disagreeing with somebody (in a polite way):

·         I’m not so sure about that.

·         That’s not how I see it.

·         Not necessarily


Common phrases to respond to great news:

·         That’s great!

·         How wonderful!

·         Awesome!


Common phrases to respond to bad news:

·         Oh no…

·         That’s terrible.

·         Poor you. (Use this to respond to bad situations that are not too serious)

·         I’m so sorry to hear that.


Common phrases to invite someone somewhere:

·         Are you free… [Saturday night?]

·         Are you doing anything… [Saturday night?]

·         (informal) Do you wanna… [see a movie?]

·         (formal)Would you like to… [join me for dinner?]


Common phrases for food:

·         I’m starving! (= I’m very hungry)

·         Let’s grab a bite to eat.

·         How about eating out tonight? (eat out = eat at a restaurant)

·         I’ll have… (use this phrase for ordering in a restaurant)


Common phrases for price:

·         It cost a fortune.

·         It cost an arm and a leg.

·         That’s a rip-off. (= overpriced; far more expensive than it should be)

·         That’s a bit pricey.

·         That’s quite reasonable. (= it’s a good price)

·         That’s a good deal. (= a good value for the amount of money)

·         It was a real bargain.

·         It was dirt cheap. (= extremely inexpensive)


Common phrases for weather:

·         It’s a little chilly.

·         It’s freezing. (= extremely cold)

·         Make sure to bundle up. (bundle up = put on warm clothes for protection against the cold)


Common phrases for hot weather:

·         It’s absolutely boiling! (boiling = extremely hot)

·         it scorching hot outside


Common phrases for being tired:

·         I’m exhausted.

·         I’m dead tired.

·         I’m beat

·         I can hardly keep my eyes open

·         I’m gonna hit the sack. (hit the sack = go to bed)


Common phrases for apologizing:

·         I’m exhausted.

·         I’m sorry that… [ex. I was so rude yesterday]

·         It’s my fault. (= I am taking responsibility for the problem)

·         Oops, sorry. (for very small problems)

·          I should have… [ex. called you and told you I’d be late]

·         (formal) I apologize for… [ex. the delay]



Phrases for introducing yourself/somebody/something:

·         I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m… [your name]

·         I don’t think we’ve met before. My name’s… [your name]

·         This is…

·         I’d like you to meet…

·         Have you met… ?

·         I’d like to introduce you to…


Common phrases when somebody introduces themselves:

·         Nice to meet you.

·         It’s a pleasure to meet you.


Common phrases when somebody tells you they are glad that they meet you:

·         Likewise.

·          And you.


Common phrases to end a conversation in a polite way:

·         It was nice chatting with you.

·         Well, it’s getting late.

·         Anyway, I should get going.

·         (formal) Sorry, but I’m afraid I need to…

·         I’m sorry to cut you off, but I actually gotta run.






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