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Stress really does turn your hair grey

Scientists found that stress turns hair grey in mice. Stem cell biologists from Harvard tested mice to find how stress affected them. The scientists injected the mice with the heat-giving ingredient in chili peppers. This caused a hair-colouring chemical in the mice to overwork in reaction to the stress. It used up all colour-regenerating cells. The mice's hair quickly turned white. A researcher said this was, "beyond what I imagined".

People have always believed that stress turns hair grey. France's Queen Marie Antoinette's hair supposedly turned white before she was beheaded. More recently, the hair of presidents have quickly lost colour. The strains of leadership have gone to the roots and follicles. The researcher said the loss of the colour-regenerating cells cannot be reversed. She said: "The damage is permanent." She thinks stress could also accelerate the aging process.


Astronauts bake first ever cookies in space

Kitchen technology has reached new heights. Astronauts on the International Space Station have made the universe's first ever space-baked cookies. The ISS residents said the chocolate chip cookies looked out of this world. The cookies mark a first in space cookery. They are the very first kind of food to be baked in space from raw ingredients. Astronauts' food is usually pre-made on Earth. The food is dehydrated or pre-packaged and is heated or warmed up on the space station. The astronauts said eating freshly baked food will make them happy while on the space station. It will be a comforting reminder of home. This will be important for astronauts going to the moon or on the long journey to Mars.

Baking the space cookies was not as straightforward as the astronauts thought it would be. On Earth, cookies take about 20 minutes to bake in an oven heated to 150 degrees Celsius (302 degrees Fahrenheit). That was not long enough in space. The first cookie came out totally undercooked. It was more raw dough than cookie. The space bakers turned up the oven's temperature and baked the dough for longer until they were successful. The fifth cookie they made took 130 minutes to bake. And the big question is - how do they taste? No one knows yet. The space-baked cookies are now in a laboratory in Houston, Texas. Scientists will test them to see if they are safe to eat.


Pasta is now a vegetable in U.S. schools

Pasta is now classed as a vegetable in U.S. schools. New dietary regulations means it counts towards the vegetable requirements in school lunches. New guidelines state: "Pasta made of vegetable flour may credit as a vegetable, even if the pasta is not served with another recognizable vegetable." The pasta must be made with potato, soy or vegetable-based flour. Critics of the rules said bread could also be a vegetable as that is made from flour.

Other guidelines include halving the fruit in children's breakfast and increasing burgers, fries, pizza and other high-calorie food full of fat and salt. The department said the new rules would reduce food waste and was "a more common-sense" way to provide students with nutritious, appetizing meals. A health expert said: "This makes absolutely no sense. Politics and industry pressure should not interfere with what is best for children's health."


Kobe Bryant

Basketball fans across the world are mourning the death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant. Bryant, 41, was killed in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California, on Sunday. His 13-year-old daughter Gianna and seven others also died in the crash. The pair were on their way to a basketball game where Bryant was expected to coach and his daughter was expected to play. While officials haven't announced a cause for the crash, weather in the area at the time was poor enough that the Los Angeles Police Department grounded its helicopter fleet. NBA games went on as scheduled Sunday, but were punctuated with emotional tributes to the Los Angeles Lakers great. Grammy Awards host Alicia Keys opened the show with a moving speech in honor of Bryant before calling Boyz II Men to the stage for a rendition of "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday."



The World Bank is hitting pause on a $500 million loan to the east African nation of Tanzania after activists raised alarms about how the country treats young pregnant women. Tanzania has a policy that bans pregnant girls and young mothers from attending state schools. During a visit to some of these schools in 2018, CNN discovered students were given compulsory pregnancy tests. Activists and international human rights organizations want to stop the loan until Tanzania passes a law to allow pregnant girls to go to school and ceases mandatory pregnancy testing. A similar situation unfolded in 2018, when the World Bank withdrew a $300 million loan following claims that the country was expelling pregnant girls from school.



The World Health Organization has officially declared the Wuhan coronavirus a public health emergency of international concern. The organization had been withholding such a declaration, but the rapidly rising number of diagnoses and deaths, plus the evidence of person-to-person transmission cases outside China (including one in the US), made them reconsider. It's largely a political move that serves as a signal to governments to take the outbreak seriously. At least 213 people are now dead from the disease, and more than 9,709 cases are confirmed worldwide. While everyone is worried about this particular outbreak, it's easy to forget about another deadly virus that has sickened more than 15 million Americans and killed more than 8,200 this season alone: influenza. Doctors say since the flu is more of a constant in American lives, it's easy to take for granted just how deadly it can be.


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