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Young people are not watching TV news

Young people are watching less TV news. A regulatory broadcasting body in the UK said this is no surprise as young people are addicted to smartphones. They prefer YouTube videos and games to TV news. A newspaper reported that the young "are more likely to get their day's news about the world from social media or by reading graffiti in bus stations" than by watching TV. The average 16-24-year-old watches live TV news for just two minutes a day.

Research into the news-viewing habits of British people shows that youth are using social media as their news source. People are making more posts on Facebook and Twitter about the news compared to last year. The regulatory body said presenting news stories in a less complicated way might attract more young people to watch TV news. Some people suggested this would be "dumbing down content for young audiences".



Ethiopia plants 350 million trees in 12 hours

Ethiopia broke the world record for the most trees planted in one day, while also making the world a little greener. Ethiopians planted more than 350 million trees in just 12 hours on Monday. This smashed the record held by India by 50 million trees. Ethiopia's government announced the record-breaking feat on Twitter. It proudly revealed that people planted 353,633,660 trees in a bid to help the environment. Ethiopia's Prime Minister, who participated in the tree planting, congratulated everyone involved in the record for their efforts and for doing their bit to help the planet.

Ethiopia's record-breaking achievement is part of a strategy to plant 4 billion trees by October. The country is on its way to achieve this. So far, volunteers, businesses and government workers have planted over 2.6 billion trees. Ethiopia is trying to reverse the cutting down of its forests. Less than 4 per cent of Ethiopia's land is forested. This is a sharp decline from the 30 per cent of land on which trees grew at the end of the 19th century. Planting billions of trees is the cheapest and most effective way to absorb carbon dioxide and help to tackle global warming.



Turkey among leaders in closing gender entrepreneurship gap

Based on 2016 data, the gender gap in entrepreneurship has narrowed in half of the countries analyzed, compared to 2014, with the biggest gains made in Turkey, South Korea and Slovakia.

At a time of global economic slowdown, supporting female entrepreneurs could help countries inject trillions of dollars into economic activity, new research says. While there are challenges facing women who start businesses, Turkey is among the top countries closing the gender gap in entrepreneurship

Increasing support for female entrepreneurs could boost the global economy by trillions of dollars, according to the findings of a study released Tuesday. It said women who start businesses face more challenges than men. Turkey, alongside South Korea and Slovakia, however, is among the leading countries in closing down the gender gap in entrepreneurship in recent years. Helping women start their own businesses could immediately increase global economic output by as much as $5 trillion, about the size of Japan's economy, said the study, which found there are more male than female entrepreneurs in almost every country. The study, by consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, found more working-age men start businesses than women in every country except Vietnam, Mexico, Indonesia and the Philippines.

"It is a gap that has been there for a long time – and not just in startups but women's ability and access to resources to keep those businesses running and to sustain and grow those businesses," said BCG Managing Director and Partner Shalini Unnikrishnan.

"Unleashing that power" can be achieved quickly with the right government support and also deliver positive social impact, Unnikrishnan told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.



Turkey in pursuit of technology patents 

Tofaş is one of the companies with the greatest number of patent applications in the technology class in Turkey.

Patenting has always been significant in order to protect new ideas; however, patents in the field of technology are growing in importance gradually with the changing world. So, where does Turkey stand in technology patenting?

The rise of technology entrepreneurship in Turkey was revealed through some recently released figures. Destek Patent measured Turkey's "patent maturity" based on the analysis of the last five years of industry data of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. According to the assessment, from 2014 to 2018, the number of domestic and foreign patent applications in the field of technology in Turkey amounted to 23,686. While the importance of taking new ideas and projects under preservation through patenting and the importance of investing in the "right idea" in order to be able to compete on global scale is being increasingly accepted in Turkey, the number of patent applications in the country that are made by domestic firms and in which areas patent applications are made is of great importance.

Destek Patent says that patent applications for pictorial communication technologies ranked first from 2014 to 2018, followed by wireless communication networks and digital information transmission technology, respectively. Processes or methods (such as battery technology that converts chemical energy into electrical energy) ranked fourth, and line connectors ranked fifth.

In the last five years, 68% of patent applications in Turkey were made by foreign companies and 38% by domestic companies. The total number of patent applications filed by domestic and foreign companies is around 30,000. According to the assessment made by Destek Patent, the first choice of Turkish companies in abroad patent applications is in EU countries, while the second is the U.S., followed by China, Japan and South Korea, respectively.

Manisa ranks in top three

The analysis shows that Istanbul, Ankara and Manisa are the first three provinces that stand out in technology patent applications, followed by Bursa, İzmir, Konya and Kocaeli. The year 2018 seems to be the year in which the greatest number of brand applications were filed in the technology-developing sectors. Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, İzmir, Konya and Kocaeli are the provinces that filed the greatest number of applications in new brands for technology.

Arçelik ranks first as the company that made the greatest number of patent applications in the technology class, followed by Turkcell and Ford in the second and third ranking, respectively. Also, Vestel, Tofaş, Türk Telekom, Netaş, Tırsan Treyler, Vodafone, Aselsan, Sanovel İlaç, Durmazlar Makina, BSH Ev Aletleri, Otokar Otomotiv, Anadolu Isuzu, Türk Traktör and Ser Dayanıklı Tüketim follow the top three companies. Türk Telekom came in first in the brand application for technology, followed by Arçelik in second place, Turkcell in the third place and Vodafone in the fourth place.



New Istanbul-İzmir highway to cut travel time in half

fter this weekend, the travel time between two of Turkey's largest cities will be cut in half, dropping from over eight hours to just three and a half, in a gala ribbon-cutting set for Sunday. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will inaugurate the new highway spanning 192 kilometers connecting the way from Istanbul, Turkey's most populous city, and İzmir, a metropolis on the Aegean coast.

Cahit Turhan, the country's minister of transport and infrastructure, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that with this Sunday's opening, the Istanbul-İzmir Highway – first launched in 2010 – would be one of Turkey's main transport arteries, connecting the Marmara region to the Aegean, Western Mediterranean and western Anatolia regions.

Built at a cost of nearly $10 billion, the highway will save both time and money for vehicles traveling between the two cities.

Constructed on a build-operate-transfer (BOT) model, the Istanbul-Bursa-İzmir highway project has a total length of 426 kilometers, including a 384-kilometer highway and 42 kilometers of access roads.

So far, 201 kilometers of the highway and 33 kilometers of access roads have been put into service. The 192-kilometer section, consisting of the main body of 183 kilometers and connecting roads of 9 kilometers, will be inaugurated at a ceremony to be attended by President Erdoğan on Sunday at 3 p.m.

Pointing out that the travel time between Istanbul and İzmir is currently 8.5 hours, Turhan emphasized that it will be possible to travel from Istanbul to İzmir in 3.5 hours under normal conditions via the new 404-kilometer Istanbul-İzmir Highway.

"This will bring a significant economic contribution to road users and help them save time and fuel. This route will bring important facilities and conveniences, particularly in the transportation of our industrial and agricultural products both in Turkey and abroad," the minister noted. Recalling that the state road between Istanbul and İzmir is about 515 kilometers currently, the minister said that the new highway will reduce the distance between the two cities to 404 kilometers.

Turhan said that up to 5,000 people have been employed on the construction site so far, adding that when the construction works are over, around 1,000 people will be employed in the maintenance and operation services of the project.

Underlining that the project will make major contributions to transportation services, employment and the economy, the minister noted, "I hope that when the project is completed and put into service in the coming days, the road users will see and take advantage of the benefits and economic savings I have mentioned." Turhan further stated that some $7 billion has been spent on the project so far, while $2.5 billion has been spent by the government on expropriation operations. Turhan added that the $7 billion in funding was covered by the company that is building and will operate the project, for which no public resources have been used.


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