What word comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘adjective’? There are thousands of words and hundreds of adjectives in a dictionary. Well, what is an adjective and why do we use adjectives? An adjective is a word that describes a noun, person, object, or a pronoun like beautiful, gorgeous, funny, small, and bad, and so on. An adjective comes before a noun ‘a beautiful girl’. An adjective comes after the verb ‘I see a beautiful girl in the garden.’ Adjectives are a good helper to describe something in detail in terms of its features, qualities, characteristics, shape, quantity… You can use more than one adjective with a noun like ‘I need a huge warm house.’ You cannot use a comma between adjectives.

You need more than a limited number of adjectives in your vocabulary. What adjectives do you know to describe a noun like healthy, good, bad, dangerous, successful, and hardworking? You will need more than these adjectives when you want to describe someone`s personality. This week, we will share different personality adjectives to show you your various options.



Meaning: Someone loves new excitements in his life and is brave to try something new and fun. Sometimes it can be a scary action for others.

Ex: She never stays home at the weekend, she is adventurous. She goes for camping or hiking.


Meaning: Someone loves a person so much, shows warmth or fondness

Ex: He is affectionate, he gives hugs to his little sisters.


Meaning: Someone has big purposes for himself or a strong desire for success.

Ex: He always looks for opportunities to have a better life. He is ambitious.


Meaning: Someone who is social, friendly, and warm.

Ex: He is amiable because he helps new students adapt to the campus environment.


Meaning: Someone who is easy to talk to and friendly.

Ex: He is affable and the only person you will feel relaxed with.


Meaning: Someone who shows or has sympathy for other people suffering.

Ex: He is compassionate and he provides shelter and food for immigrants.


Meaning: Someone who is kind and helpful for others.

Ex: She is a considerate little girl. She even shares the last piece of her cake with other kids.


Meaning: A person who can take risks or deal with fears and dangers without being afraid of doing it.

Ex: He was courageous. He saved a lot of people from the big fire in the city.


Meaning: Someone who is very kind and shows and gracious good manners like "Please," "Thank you" and "No, thanks."

Ex: Even if you argue with her, she is always courteous.


Meaning: Someone who tries hard and works for his aims and never quits, even when things get hard.

Ex: He is successful now but he was very determined to follow his dreams.


Meaning: Someone who works hard until a job is done and does it carefully and cares about the details.

Ex: Be diligent during your internship, you can learn many things when you take things seriously.


Meaning: Someone who understands others' situations and feelings.

Ex: When you are an empathetic teacher, you can always find a way for kids in trouble.


Meaning: Someone who is not worried about anything and relaxed.

Ex: Teenagers are easy-going, you should give them high responsibilities.


Meaning: Someone who is energetic and full of joy for living.

Ex: He is exuberant and will bring you back to a joyous life.


Meaning: Someone who speaks or behaves directly.

Ex: She is beautiful but frank. It may not feel good to hear things straight.  

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