How many words are there in English dictionaries? Can you make a guess? It is over 250.000 words. It is more than you have spoken in your mother language. English is not a difficult language, it has a limited number of rules and the rules are strict but simple. The key to being a fluent effective speaker is also having lots of words in your vocabulary. You need to be exposed to new words to have a good understanding as comprehension is one main purpose of communication. More words will help you get a wider perception of thinking in a foreign language. You will have an access to unlimited new information with limited words by expanding your vocabulary. The more you be exposed to the language, the more you learn and speak. This week, we will continue sharing some new personality adjectives. Enjoy it through learning!



Meaning: Someone is willing to give things to people eagerly, he is happy to share.

Ex: He was as generous as he didn`t count the money he gave for orphan kids.


Meaning: Someone likes being with other people and enjoying the company of them.

Ex: He is gregarious and he cannot spend his one day at home alone.


Meaning: Someone is working hard, and spends his most time for studying and working.

Ex: She is hardworking. I believe she will enter a reputable (really popular) university.


Meaning: Someone is very, extremely funny.

Ex: I laughed a lot he is quite hilarious.


Meaning: Someone is funny and entertaining.

Ex: He is friendly and humorous, you will enjoy the party with him.


Meaning: Someone is objective and doesn`t have a side in an argument or discussion, fair.

Ex: Teachers should be impartial to nourish students` participation in the classroom.


Meaning: Someone can understand what’s happening using her feelings and others` feeling and thoughts before they say. An intuitive person sort of has a special feel for a situation.

Ex: You need to be intuitive in making decisions so that you can feel fully comfortable with your actions.


Meaning: Inventive people are creative and good at finding solutions to big problems. They can find simple but practically effective solutions.

Ex: A quote is by Benjamin Franklin, "Necessity is the mother of invention."


Meaning: Someone is very relaxed about everything.

Ex: She is laid-back, you never see her worrying about her expenses and earning money.


Meaning: Someone who doesn`t criticize or make bad comments about what you think or do.

Ex: She is non-judgemental, she won’t make you feel bad for your mistake.


Meaning: Someone has or expresses strong emotions. These people have a real love for something in their life.

Ex: I am passionate about traveling. I don`t need anything but a backpack to travel.


Meaning: Persistent people are hardworking and run after their purposes. They never quit working for their dreams. They work until they are successful.

Ex: Be persistent in your work, your hard work will bring you success.


Meaning: You show calm reactions and think sensibly in any situation. Philosophical people look at the larger picture of life and stay above trivial situations.

Ex: You should be philosophical and show patience when you lose.


Meaning: Someone is reasonable and can find useful ways to deal with a problem. Practical people can guess things that are likely to happen. They get prepared for those things.

Ex: She is practical, she has great ideas to save the company.


Meaning: Someone doesn’t wait for things to happen. She takes action before it happens.

Ex: A teacher needs to be proactive before the students get into an argument or fight in the classroom.

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