It is a long story for all of us, learning words. However, it is not arguable how vocabulary affects our other language skills; reading, writing, grammar, speaking. Do you remember the first word that you learned when you started to learn English? Probably, the word maybe hello, hi, how are you, okay, yes, no, fine, etc. Every new learner firstly starts with vocabulary to learn a new language. As the linguist, Wilkins said, “Without grammar little can be conveyed, without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed.” Vocabulary is the basis of learning a language. When you need to express yourself during a meeting, interview, letter; you will start to look for the right words. As you can see or have those difficult moments in which you feel helpless, desperate while searching every bottom of your brain, you will understand how important learning vocabulary is to have a real conversation. You can learn grammar rules quickly because the language has limited rules. However, it requires time and practice to gain new words. You should read stories, articles, news, listen to songs, and underline every word that you don`t know. Later, you should look up the dictionaries to learn the meaning and you should be able to make at least one example sentence to get a full understanding of using new words. It may be tiring sometimes or boring to underline continuously and write words, but it will expand your capacity to speak fluently. I guess you prefer to learn new words instead you find yourself desperate during conversations.

You have come so far. It is worth learning these adjectives. Good news, this is the last list of personality adjectives. Enjoy it!



Meaning: These people can think quickly and intelligently.

Ex: Are you quick-witted enough? You will talk to customers who have problems with the new product.


Meaning: Someone who makes sensible decisions that are based on reasons or thoughts is rational. He doesn't base decisions on emotions

Ex: Try to be rational, she is just a young girl. Don`t make your decision without thinking.


Meaning: You can share your secrets with reliable people. They are good at not telling anyone about your life. You don`t worry about their friendship.

Ex: You can trust him. If he gives a promise, he will always keep it.


Meaning: Someone who is imaginative and good at finding ways to solve problems is resourceful. Resourceful people see solutions (sometimes obvious ones) that others don't see.

Ex: We need resourceful people here. They should be able to cope with sudden problems.


Meaning: Sensible people can easily understand situations and make a judgment.

Ex: I trust her decisions, she has shown in her previous work how sensible she is.


Meaning: Sincere people don’t lie about their feelings. They honestly show their feelings toward others.

Ex: I was sincere when I said, I would like to help you.


Meaning: Straight-forward people are direct and honest in their opinions.

Ex: He is straightforward. He never worries about others’ opinions and tells his idea directly.


Meaning: Sympathetic people can feel sorry for someone else, show friendly feelings. They understand and care about other people’s problems.

Ex: Their loss upsets you because you are sympathetic.


Meaning: You can trust these people. They are honest and sincere.

Ex: Most of our employees are pretty trustworthy, they work diligently.


Meaning: Unassuming people are quiet and show no wish for attention or admiration. They are not arrogant.

Ex: She is a great artist, but is unassuming about her skills.


Meaning: Understanding people can understand other people’s problems well.

Ex: Don`t worry about telling him that you made a mistake. He is very understanding.


Meaning: Versatile people can do many different things depending on the situation or to adjust to new conditions.

Ex: He's a versatile actor who can easily play in different parts of the movie.


Meaning: Someone who is witty is funny and can intelligently tell good jokes.  Someone combines humor with intelligence.

Ex: He is a very witty speaker. You won’t get bored during your journey.



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