Body Idioms

It's not a secret that many people do not like idioms at all. The reason for this is not that idioms are difficult to learn but they are super easy to forget. If we do not incorporate them in our daily language, it is likely that we will stop using them very quickly. Maybe later some idioms will ring a bell when we hear them but still, we will not be able to remember the meaning. So, why should we use them at all?

Idioms have figurative meaning and it's a rule to never ever translate them word by word. This is the most common mistake so don't do it! Sometimes, there is no better way than to use idioms and express our feelings. Sometimes we just want to sound powerful, to show our skills so we use them. There are different reasons why to use these kinds of expressions in English language. Also, there are difficult and not-so-difficult idioms to learn. In this blog, you will be able to learn 10 body idioms that are super easy because you will memorize them thanks to your own body! So, let's start:

My lips are sealed – very common idiom that you have probably heard before. But if you didn't, the meaning of ''my lips are sealed'' is very simple: We know someone’s secret but we don't want to say it. So we are hiding a secret.

Head over heels – if you are in love with someone then this idiom is right for you. When a person is head over heels for someone it means that person is in love with someone. Cute, isn't it?

Cold feet – you know the situations when you are not sure about something or when you are afraid of doing something? So if you get cold feet it means you have second thoughts about it.

Off the top of my head – ups, I said it! Very often we say something without thinking about it. It just pops up in our mind and we say it out loud.

Keep your chin up – don't worry, be happy! Even if you feel sad, try to be positive about something. Things will change and everything will be okay.

I'm all ears – if someone is talking and we want to listen carefully then we say we are all ears. P.s. especially if it's some juicy gossip.

Pull one's leg – don't worry. There is nothing about pulling in real sense. But if you like humor and jokes, you will like this idiom.

A bad hair day – if you have a bad hair day, your hair is probably just fine but everything else – not! Usually on these days, everything goes wrong with us.

(Your) hands are tied – you would like to change something, you would do everything to prevent something but you can't. You don't have authority or power to do anything as your hands are tied!

Caught red-handed – you actually don't want this to happen. If you are caught red-handed it means you are caught doing something you shouldn't do or something that is wrong.

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