Colourful idioms

Please watch the video.

Everybody loves to learn new vocabulary. :) Unfortunately sometimes we forget about idioms. They can make our life easier, and show our high level of knowing the foreign language. :)

I hope that all colourful idioms from the video you will use in everyday life. :)


Rose – tinted glass (idiom): If someone looks at something through rose-tinted glasses, they see only the pleasant parts of it.

EX. She has always looked at life through rose-tinted glasses.

Give somebody/ something the green light (idiom): To give permission for someone to do something or for something to happen (often + to do sth).

EX. 1: They've just been given the green light to build two new supermarkets in the region. EX. 2: (often + to ) The local prefect has given the green light to the dam at Serre de la Fare.

With flying colours (idiom): With great success.

EX. 1: She took a driving test and passed with flying colours. EX. 2: My brother always managed to get through his courses, although not always with flying colours.

Tickled pink (idiom): Very much pleased or entertained.

EX. 1: I was tickled pink to have you visit us. EX. 2: We were tickled pink when your flowers arrived.

Paint the town red (idiom, informal): To go out and enjoy yourself in the evening, often drinking a lot of alcohol and dancing.

EX. Jack finished his exams today so he's gone out to paint the town red.

Blue-collar worker (idiom): A blue-collar worker is someone who does physical work, often in a factory (always before noun).

EX. 1: Blue collar workers in the factories and shipyards were demanding wage increases. EX. 2: They are hoping the new factory will create many more blue collar jobs. (= jobs for blue-collar workers)

White-collar worker (idiom): A white-collar worker is someone who works in an office, doing mental rather than physical work (always before noun).

EX. 1: The ratio of white-collar workers to production workers in the American manufacturing industry was declining. EX. 2: The earnings of women in white-collar jobs are the second highest in Britain. EX. 3: The 1980's saw an explosion in white-collar crime. (= crimes committed by white-collar workers, especially stealing from the organization they work for)

See things in black and white (idiom): To have a simple view of what is right and wrong, or good and bad.

EX. Amy sees everything in black and white.

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