Comic strip stories

A great way to practice your English and your English writing skills is to create stories. If writing stories is a favorite activity of yours, you should try it in another language. Not only will it sharpen your creativity skills, but also your story and writing skills. The stories you first start to write don’t have to be long. They can be just a couple of sentences. Take a look at the story of Snoopy.

Here is the classic Peanuts Comic strip. The story is just three lines, but it is still a story.

“Here you are Snoopy…Happy Thanksgiving!”

“Thank you”

“No cranberries?”

Just for practice, try to write a story based on the comic above. Here is an example:

“Snoopy! I have your favorite food for you!”

“Oh boy! I’m so excited.”

“This isn’t my favorite food…”

Only three lines. Short and easy. Look at the people in the story. Who are they? What is their story? Where are the characters? What are the characters doing? All things to think about when writing a story. Here is another comic strip for you to practice with below. Once you are great at the short stories, try to make up longer stories.

“Are you sure you built the igloo on a stable surface?”

“I built it on the only bit that wasn’t melting!”


“But why are we moving?”

Have fun with your stories!!!!


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