Do You Know Your Emotions?

There are plenty of emotions that we can experience as human beings. When we see an old friend after some time, we are usually very happy. We can be surprised when that old friend shows up unexpectedly. If we never hear from our friends or family, that often makes us very sad. I get pretty angry when my family does things that I wish they wouldn’t do. Before giving speeches, many people get nervous, but they can relax at home once they have finished. Most people are tired at the end of the day after working so long. And while at work, people sometimes are bored by the same activities. These people don’t get new jobs because they are afraid of the change. They think they might hate their new job and want to quite right away.


2. feeling annoyed or mad at someone

7. something unexpected and happy

8. strong dislike of something

9. after doing many activities you are...

10. the opposite of happy


1. when you have a smile on your face

3. before an important event you are...

4. you are scared of something

5. when you have nothing to do

6. lying in bed, finished for the day



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